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One of my favorite benefits of this industry is the ability that it gives me to give back to the community. A couple days ago, I visited my local Humane Society, which is the only animal shelter in my city, and likely the only one in my rural AZ county.

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What if we treated our most intimate relationships with the same care that we offer a one-time encounter? What if we always created a conscious space to explore our primal desires, rather than just getting those desires done and moving on with our day? What if we made it a point to satisfy our partner 110% every time, and found ourselves just as satisfied as well? Don't you think our existence and the existences of everyone around us would take on new meaning?

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I've popped open some bubbly, kicked off my heels, and I am ready to do this! I'm here live taking your questions until 9:30, so make them good! You can ask about anything, just nothing explicit (no questions about services) and no personal details. You can ask about what escort and acrobat life is like, what I'm like outside of work, my background, or whatever else tickles your fancy. Just hit the reply button and let's keep it all in one thread. Green means go! 💚

My condolences about grandma though 🤷🏼‍♀️

‪If you’re someone who has a grandma that keeps dying at the worst possible moment, or who’s car inconveniently breaks down whenever you’re about to get laid, don’t book me. Your grandma will die again, and so will your car. And I’ll still ask for the cancellation fee. ‬

I am hoping you will join me in making a difference. This month, I am raising funds for my local Humane Society through my charitable donation deposit option. With your help, we can find these pets their much-deserved furever homes!

I met a ton of great dogs and cats with plenty of love to give. Living in an agricultural Mecca, I realize that there are more than just dogs and cats in need of love here. I was able to see the desperate need that they have for financial assistance.

One of my favorite benefits of this industry is the ability that it gives me to give back to the community. A couple days ago, I visited my local Humane Society, which is the only animal shelter in my city, and likely the only one in my rural AZ county.

ASIAN PALACE is Las Vegas #1 provider of friendly Asian therapists to treat you like a King. We offer the best service and prices in town. You will find relaxing techniques with one of our charming and friendly staff

Jasmine 24 yrs 5'3" 34B-20-34 100 lbs

Location: Las Vegas Nevada
Contact: 702-717-3820 No Blocked or Internet Numbers

If you've been waiting to book, I've still got a few openings available!

Phoenix 11/4 evening and 11/5 late morning

Vegas 11/7 mid-afternoon or evening

Let's not wait any longer...

Happy Halloween from the naughtiest scorpion queen! Be among the first to see my entire gallery at 😈

I'm not going to share details of the grisly case, but please join me in honoring the life of Esmeralda Gonzales, the Vegas sex worker who was recently murdered and dumped in the desert. My heart aches to know that someone from my own world, and my own home turf met such an untimely end. I ask my Heavenly Father to wrap her in His embrace and give her peace. May her loved ones find comfort and joy in her memory. May you never be forgotten, Esmeralda

It's looking like I may actually have to do San Diego at the end of November and SF / Sacramento early December as many people seemed to have trouble working with the end of November time frame in SF. San Diego will be sometime during the week of 11/17 to 11/23, depending on room rates. Sorry for shaking things up again!

Also, still booking for Vegas 11/6 & 11/7

# vegas

Word of the day:
Sybarite was first recorded in the 1600's meaning a "person devoted to pleasure." The literal translation of this noun is "inhabitant of Sybaris," which was an ancient Greek town full of citizens who loved nice things. Today, the word still has two meanings: it's either a person who could be described as addicted to pleasures and luxury (like a hedonist), or an actual person who lives in Sybaris.

Currently gauging interest for 11/6 and 11/7 in Vegas! If you are interested, please email me at There's no need to commit to a time at the moment. I'm just trying to see how much interest there is before I book my travel

‪Goal for 2020: introducing my SO to the rule of three. If there are any bi providers in San Diego, Phoenix or Tucson, please DM. Tucson is most convenient as we’ll be in town around Valentine’s Day, but we could always plan a small road trip out to meet the right lady! ‬

And now I need sleep. I’m hitting 24 hours and have been busy since 3 AM 😧 see ya later, alligators 🐊

‪Photo shoot was a success!! Almost got caught in the nakey by Border Patrol and also some guys on ATVs, but it was so much fun! Thanks to everyone who sent out those good vibes ‬

Just a heads up, if you're not already following me on Twitter, definitely go follow me there for all my latest posts, candid thoughts, etc. Switter is a bit of a ghost town lately, even with all the new followers I've been getting, so I don't want you to miss out

Please spare a minute to put some positive thoughts into the universe for me. I have an early morning photo shoot that I'm so nervous for. I know it'll be great, but could use some good juju. If I haven't seen pics of your pets lately, send those too 🙃

Booking is now closed for Phoenix 11/4 and 11/5!

New dates for Vegas 11/6 (evening only) and 11/7. I have a lot of regulars there and space will fill up. Book soon or miss out!

Dates for SF and Sacramento to be announced

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