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Former pro-acrobat and show performer now booking:

San Francisco: 9/10 to 9/12
Vegas: 9/18 & 9/19
NYC: 9/28 & 9/29
LA: 10/5 & 10/6

I will be taking a couple weeks off in October

Location: San Francisco

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I've been getting a ton of city requests lately, so I've decided to put together an official city request form. This will automatically organize data to show me which cities are most highly requested, as well as allowing me to reach out when I'll be in your city. To request me, please visit

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What if we treated our most intimate relationships with the same care that we offer a one-time encounter? What if we always created a conscious space to explore our primal desires, rather than just getting those desires done and moving on with our day? What if we made it a point to satisfy our partner 110% every time, and found ourselves just as satisfied as well? Don't you think our existence and the existences of everyone around us would take on new meaning?

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I've popped open some bubbly, kicked off my heels, and I am ready to do this! I'm here live taking your questions until 9:30, so make them good! You can ask about anything, just nothing explicit (no questions about services) and no personal details. You can ask about what escort and acrobat life is like, what I'm like outside of work, my background, or whatever else tickles your fancy. Just hit the reply button and let's keep it all in one thread. Green means go! 💚

Hello and happy Sunday! My favorite day of the week as always. I provide companionship for those who crave total uninterrupted company. Outcall to you. The best way to contact me is email(quick response) 😀 my reviews can be found on my profile page. Send your reference and Prebook🥳

Location: Las Vegas

This will be my upcoming schedule of availability starting in early September🤓
💭Monday-Thursday 3pm-11pm (tues&thurs I can work in 8-10 am)
💭Friday 9am-midnight
💭Saturday 11am-2pm
💭Sunday noon-9pm

Former pro-acrobat and show performer now booking:

NYC: 9/28 & 9/29
LA: 10/5 & 10/6

*Phoenix, DC and Boston TBA*

I will be taking a couple weeks off in October

Location: New York City, Midtown Manhattan incall

Honestly, if one of y’all had me painted on the back of your truck, I wouldn’t be offended. Just @ a bitch please

Hello 😘
For anyone who has been wanting to get together with me but haven't had the pleasure, I'm going to be available all weekend😍😍Fri-Sunday
🔥I am an easy going, open minded, affectionate, sweet & Very sexy redhead
💋Look deep into my Hazel eyes & let's get lost in an unforgettable moment💋💋

Incall & outcall available 100% Real👌💯💯 as in photos 😘

Location: Nyc
Contact: 917.933.5369 or

I am available for outcall 😘
Check out my private delights page for more info 💋💋

🔥🔥 I hope to see your sexy ass very soon ❤ I woke up so wet from this fantastic dream I had & I totally want to make that dream a reality 😘💋


Update: I've found a suitor to help occupy my time. Thanks to everyone who boosted!

this is for 9/20. We could meet at 2 or 3 PM and I would need to be at the airport at 5 PM. This is a good chance to catch up!

I am going to have plenty of free time in Vegas between hotel check-out time and my flight. If one of my regulars wanted to bring me to dinner and wouldn't mind dropping me at the airport after, I wouldn't charge a social rate. Please DM or email xx

Side note: also thinking of Seattle! It's been too long and I miss that beautiful city 😍

As of right now, I don't have a plan for my fall / winter tour. I'm thinking DC and Boston for sure, but who else wants a little pumpkin spice and everything nice? Comment your city below

💕When you get spoiled with 2 hour GFE appointments it’s pretty hard to say yes to any hh appts! 💕

Here's a comprehensive list of everything I learned from this post:

1.) I'm the slut.
2.) That's it.

I just seduced a random guy on a dating site to neuter his dog, and I regret nothing.

Are there really people out there who don’t fuck on a first date, or is it just a myth pushed by the “holier than thou art” types?

🙏Special to u all who help me launch My New Brand
The All-Stars🌟

(Amazing Website🌟)

Hairstylist @yuppitsjazzy
(🥇The Best Eva)
Makeup Artist @angelsnack13
(👍On Point )

What is your favorite sites that you'd like to see on, allowing you to pay with on their website!

⚡SpankPay gives users a quick, anonymous way to support the adult industry and crypto!

SkyPrivate and JustForFansSite! Already in

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