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Someone interested on purchase a custom vid? DM if interested. So I record it today.

The saying says that someone doesn't appreciate what they have till they lose it. The problem it's when they know they won't lose you and doesn't matter what. That's the moment when they take adventage of your good heart.

I don't know If I said it before but I am hispanic. 🤣 😀

That looks like my luggage 😀 But if someone gives me this for xmas I wouldn't say no.

That moment when young people complain about heat. They weren't raised to be warriors, just spoiled pussies

That moment when someone text you and text you thinking thus they will have your attention. Guys, with one message it's more than enough! I will answer when I have time. But to text me over and over won't change anything! Much less when I am offline. If I am offline how do you pretend I will be reading your messages? Come on! Common sense!

microsoft doesn't actually own github yet. whatever mundane inconvenient things happen to your repos this week isn't because microsoft decided to personally target you as step one of their multi-billion-dollar business deal

people!! 🤣 I hope all are having a great day!

Just a reflexion! lol

Porn movies are the most positive movies... No murder,No war, No fight, No cheating, No racism, No language problem,Good cooperation, Good coordination,Natural acting, Everybody enjoys the climax, Lots of love,
Always a very happy ending for all characters!
And the best part... No matter which point you start watching, you will understand the story.

It's me that woke up so sleepy or are there so many bears here? 🤣 😜 😀 😂 so funny! LOL

Here it's my wishlist. If you buy me something of the wishlist I record you custom vid and I make a show only for you!

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