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I must confess, still don't know how to use this platform.

How do I send messages?

Treat providers (and anyone who provides a service you enjoy!) with respect. Shockingly, we are also human beings, and we like that shit! :p

I see you favoriting and looking at my pics...and perhaps doing something else!๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜„.

How about coming to see me in person, or if you are far away, how about showing me some love?โ™ฅ๏ธ

CashApp: $LoveleeDDD

Sensuality Extraordinaire
San Diego

Your Next Girlfriend/Model. Let's go escape + try exotic things. Ask me out on whatsapp +447470814406 or online at

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Its Friday! You could spend your evening with me, flirting, getting to know each other, you becoming obsessed with me. Usually how it works. ;)

I will attempt to help provide a guideline to approach a lady & gain her favor.

A male who wants to set up a date can try this:
Start with composing an email. This tells her that you're patient to hear a reply. She sees you as relaxed and less pushy for immediate attention from her. After all, you haven't met yet.

Swap "Hi Beautiful" with "Hi (Lady's name) my name is Mr. doe."
Continue: I, Mr. Doe is in software sales,46 and lives in Boston. Ect.

Then ask for the date!
Hope this Helps๐Ÿ˜Œ

I feel like a lot of men ( I'll keep the estimated percentage to myself so as to not offend the entire male sex) can have Neanderthal type thoughts their heads when booking a date with a provider.

For an example let's look inside the male thought:

Male sees a provider ad -

Thought: Ooo Woman. She give great blow job. Me send text now. What to text her? Oh yes. ''Hi sexy available now?" Me Creative. She like that. She horny. She ready. She supermodel. She come right away.

I've been off for awhile.. Hello Fellow Freaks

I am also an artist.
... buy my art and support my addiction to candy. Buy online at

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