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New potential sb message me wanting to meet up for the first time, "I want $1000 for coffee." πŸ˜‚ Oh, do you want that in the form of Starbucks gift cards? Lol

Question for mainly for the ladies...

Being an oral guy, I love my SB. She gives awesome head. Not the crazy dumb porn stuff. Nice rhythm, hand, and eyes. She can take it all in too. She says to me one time after about 5 mins of head that she wants to keep going, but her jaw hurts :(. I tell her it's ok to stop. She then asked me if she is doing it wrong that cause her jaw to hurt. From the receiver end, she is pretty darn good LOL. But, is there any tips the ladies have that may help her?

When my SB, knowing that I want more but didn't ask trying to be nice, leans in while on top to whisper in my ear "babe, it's OK we can go again"...

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Be well aware of serial rapist and con artist JOEY/JOSE/JOHN TORRES. I fell victim to his scam 5 years ago, this man has been doing it (he told me himself) over 30+ years.

He will call and try to get you to stay overnight and RAPE YOU. NO PAY. Only 2 females have reported him the police told me. I am one. They need MORE REPORTS to snag him.


Cell: 9088483115


Having a difficult time trying to decide the next city to visit to meet ladies outside of my home turf. Of course, is planned. What other places do you guys/ladies recommend and which ladies are must sees in that location?

Good job to the ladies that have an actual updated calendar on their site. Ladies that tag so many cities in their posts makes it confusing to know where they are actually visiting or located. Contact two providers, thought they are in since they posted "location is in LV" but no date. So I thought they are in LV. Then they say oh, I'm just visiting later. lol

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Hi Babes! I'm Bridgette, Las Vegas Luxury CompanionπŸ’–

Do you stay up late? I DoπŸ’‹



Check out my reviews on !πŸ’–

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Contact: / (702)703-8054**TEXT ONLY

Just wanna say @BridgetteVegasBabe is one of the coolest girl I've seen. Chill, not judgemental, and kind. Not to mention super cute and pretty.

Been a while since a lady completely knocked my dress request out of the park:

Short bodycon cocktail dress to show off her body, lacy thigh high stockings to accentuate her toned legs, and classic stilettos to complete the whole look.

Glamour makeup, hair nicely curled, and light touch of perfume.

Can't wait for our date @BridgetteVegasBabe and see you in that look!!

When I know my big head is right, but want so to listen to my small head...

After being in fantasy world with the SB for a night it's hard going have to work the next day. πŸ˜…

Having one of those big head vs little head moments.

Little head: what are you waiting for? She is exactly what you want! Can't go wrong with her.

Big head: Dude, caught a red flag while researching. Stick to the rule. If too good to be true, probably is.

Ugh...oh the struggle...😭

Dear ladies. I know doing makeup, wearing a tight dress, walking in stilettos, and putting on intricate pieces of lingerie is very hard work. Then sometimes all that work for us to enjoy is taken off in just minutes. Want to say I appreciate all the ladies that made the effort to do that for my dates and will be doing that for dates to come.

But, one last small request...Panties on the outside over the stocking garter belts please. IMHO, so much sexier if the garter and stockings stays on :)

Another shout out to @alexolivia

Only had email contact with her so far, but just with the little interaction she is already putting out a good vibe. Fast reply to emails, professional, courteous, nice, and not judgemental to my requests. 😊

I'm hopeful that the experience will be just as awesome when we meet in person! See you soon Alex!

I think the hobby ruined my civi sex life expectations lol. Intimacy is always there, but haven't met a civi lady that gives awesome long lasting head with dreamy eye contact like a lady in the hobby would do for me. LOL 😍

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Everybody welcome @LeahNoelle to the Switter world!!πŸ’– Follow her and come visit both of us in asap!!!

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