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Everyone has a pinned toot. I finally know what I should pin 😂

On a date, I love when ladies wear:
1) Short, tight dresses.
2) Classic stilettos
3 Thigh high stockings. No nets or ones with patterns. Just lacy soft thigh high stockings. Making sure the stockings stay up important.
4) Soft touch of perfume
5) Nice glamour makeup that's not too heavy.

I love when ladies:
1) Make eye contact
2) Is all about me (I'm selfish 😅)
3) Put away phones
4) Keeps action going
5) Responsive and punctual

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@daisuki_will_lee I really hope so too tbh. As much as a lot of providers hate it was my bread and butter: probably 80% of my business came from that site. It allowed me to tour, travel and make a lot more money than I do in this post-FOSTA/SESTA world. I’d love if it “came back”... perfect timing too. 💘

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Looks like the reviews for US ladies are back up and running on

No sure how everyone feels about it, but...for better or for's happening!!

⚠️ 🚨 ⚠️ 🚨

I just access without needing to use VPN. All US reviews are also back up, and all US ad boards are also back too.

⚠️ 🚨 ⚠️ 🚨

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It's a bit frustrating when ladies put donations like this: Regular GFE 300, VIP GFE 400. I'm always like, ok, what's the difference? LOL. Then when I ask what's the difference, they get mad.

@smooth_berv and @amanda_dyer

Umm... These two profiles, one is Beverly and one is Amanda, have came exact pictures. 🤔

Stolen pics. This profile is using Alexa Pearl's pictures.

@ jailylawsy

🚨 Stolen pic alert🚨

Ladies and Gents, what's the best x-some you have had? Which ladies out there are good x-some partners? Any state is fine since I'll be traveling.

Quick note: I'm only looking for FMF type of x-some :). Everyone to their own, but I just want ladies in the my x-some haha

Lately got 2 ladies I have seen in the past email me. Both were great and I had a blast with them. Yet, it's been over at least 3 years, back in the TER era. Now they emailing me with $1k/hr...what? Are people still paying $1k/hr for hobbying?

I have been out of the scene for a while since I've been in a long term sd/sb relationship. Been serving me well. I now it's comparing oranges and apples, but really? $1k/hr?

My current fantasy: 30mins of none stop bbj session lol.

30 mins of pleasuring none stop. Sensual, focusing on pleasuring. After popping cim keep going softly, and pleasuring...not forgetting the balls, all with excellent eye contact. perfect glam make up, heels, and thigh high stockings...

everyone's got their weird fantasies lol here is one of mine...

Eyes...that eye contact is one of the most erotic thing you can do. I adore and thank all the ladies that knows to eye contact to add to the whole erotic oral experience.

Any Latin dancers out there? is hosting two of the largest / festivals coming up!

Sometimes all I really want is just to lay back, relax, and enjoy a nice and long blowjob.

Anyone been to the and hobbied over there? Thinking of going and would appreciate some info. THANKS!

Hi ! @Ellevaughn is new to the switter scene but is an awesome lady. I seen her many times and always had fun! 👍

Bored visiting on business trip. lol...any ladies out here that is free?

Before meeting up for our date today, SB: "Hey, my dad is staying with me this week so I can't get all made up and be in sexy dress and heels when I go today. He'll get all weird about it" 😂

Everyone have different tastes. Some guys like the natural look when it comes to makeup. I'm different. I love it when ladies put in the effort to doll up, I know it's lots of work so thank you. Put on that eye lash, blend that foundation, brush in that blush, draw in the eye liner, use that lipstick and coated with the lip gloss, curl that hair and hold it with hair spray. Glamour it all up. I love it all.

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