@Gongzero @Saramiles she also has this fake account.


Someone has been stealing her pictures for a while now.

@devorahreine I don't see why people are confused. You must be a girl. You look like one all the way.

@devorahreine I believe you look better without hair. In my country, even a lot of men shave their legs.

@MystiqueX I have been looking to get into acting too. My brother used to be big time in the music industry, so it taugh me a lot. You need a video reel, I am looking to make one. If you can find a good agent, that also good. I send you my ph #. I live in Houston.

@Summergoddess11 I don't know how many you get to sale.I still interested in making a video with someone.

@Summergoddess11 I know websites that pay good money. I know how to sell it. I am looking for a model.

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