18+ NSFW Camming 

Check out my friends cam show she's still live and needs tips

18+ NSFW 

Red is so my color tonight, come in sweet treats and get some red velvet cake!🎂🍑


Here is my updated Free vids on MVTube list! Watching these when you can't buy anything really does help because I get paid for watches. Thanks for your support!

No Tootsie Rolls:

Good Kitty: manyvids.com/Video/954685/Good

First Nape Shave In A Year:

Bloopers Vid:

Kitty's First Cage:


Been up the last several nights trying to be productive, but I've shirked my camming obligations, though it's hard to balance it between school, work(yes i got a part time job) and daily life it's hard to find that balance, but i'll do my damnedest to find it.

It's been a rough week, but the worst is over.

@pixiepole take them to court if you can, because that sounds like some shady shit that they pulled.

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