If we want to take the sex industry forward, then we need to leave behind the hobbyist mentality that spoke about SWs as though they were commodities and pressured SWs into performing services that put them at increased health risk. The future of the sex industry is one where the rights of sex workers are central: we deserve respect as well as the right to a safe work environment.

CLIENTS: Now that Sesta/Fosta has become law, pls make note of all contact info for your favorite companions. If you want to be super duper helpful, then make a donation to a local SW org. and/or send a gift card to a companion to assuage the fiscal trauma of this legislation.

CLIENTS: Always be gentle with a woman's sensitive parts. Thank you : )

Mainstream society wants companions to be ashamed of their chosen profession. Even though we are going through difficult times right now, I chose this profession and I proudly do it!

CLIENTS: If you see a companion being bullied on review boards and/or social media, please don't be a bystander - stand up for that companion! Remember: online bullying/disrespect is fueled by bystanderism. Don't be part of the crowd - be the exception who makes a difference!

CLIENTS: In my opinion, there is nothing more disheartening than a client cancelling an appointment solely because the companion won't offer some unprotected services. True gentlemen always prioritize the welfare of other people before themselves.

CLIENTS: If you're looking for a genuine connection with a companion, then your first question should be, "tell me more about you" as opposed to "tell me what services you do." I connect best with clients who want to know the real me as opposed to clients who want a checklist.

CLIENTS: I think it is time for society to see the best in this industry. As such, always be a gentleman, not only during your engagements with companions but also in your online public discourse. Let's show society how wonderful clients can truly be : )

TO ALL CLIENTS AND COMPANIONS: Let's not lose hope and faith in one another. If we give up on our issue now, then we will be giving the anti's everything that they want. They want us to be divided. Let's show them how strong we are when we work together for a common goal : )

Have you heard of hr1865? If not, please Google and read about our constitutional rights being taken away. Another amendment being thrown out the window. Sites like Tumblr, Twitter Facebook Snapchat Instagram WhatsApp excetera excetera will be censored under this law. Please please please please if you support sex workers strippers pornstars or just the rights of America, sign this petition! Share it with your friends.

The passing of SESTA reveals the hypocrisy of anti-sex work groups. Anti's seek to eliminate sex work from public view, not fix the issue of human trafficking. By "eradicating" sex work from public view, the anti's will claim to have fixed the problem, but it's a false victory.

This is now my second day on the platform and I'm loving it already : )

Fellow sex workers! Make sure you check THIS BOX in order to ensure we aren't muted by the Mastodon moderators - this is also to make sure that our sensitive content doesn't reach underage users of this website! Please boost this post for visibility!

Hey everyone! Mark your media as sensitive through Preferences. Apparently due to the fact that instances link together, our NSFW content has been showing up in other areas that could expose minors or people who do not want to view it, to our content.



Do you hear that? 👂🏻 That’s the sound of peace and quiet, laughter and light. This is the time before any trolls come in. Let’s all enjoy this beautiful moment. No twitter assholes here, just cool folks right now.

So I’m following everyone, and I highly encourage everyone to follow me, I will follow you back 🙂🤗

I am so happy to be here, my brothers and sisters!! I love you all.

I'm really liking this new platform! Every time I get a beep in my notifications, it's exciting!!! It kind of makes me feel like I'm playing a video game with all of the little beeps...lol

Thank you for this new platform!!! I hope to see all sex workers come together. we are so much stronger when we're united : )


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