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Hey Switterverse!

Here is the new Code of Conduct. In short:

- No reviews
- No affiliate links
- No posting on behalf of any other party without consent.
- No explicit language or acronyms to refer to specific sexual services within listings

Part 3

There is a unique kind of passionate energy that oozes from me. I am extremely sensual and sexually liberated. My aim is to give you an experience like no other and to push your sexual boundaries. To make you feel the way no other woman has made you feel before. I genuinely love all things sex and this is something that quickly becomes apparent during our time together. :)

Part 2

For those looking for a sensuous and erotic lover, have faith that I am 100% pure sex from top to toe. I truly enjoy the intimate connection, the thrill of seduction and providing an experience that you will never, ever forget.

Lovely... text i borrowed and edited / rewritten actually worked amazing.. let me post it here.. ;)
-- VIP Party webmaster

Hello Guys!!!

I am open minded and adventures. I am fun loving and have a big appetite for life. I am naturally a very warm and genuine woman making those around me feel instantly at ease.I love connecting with people.As a lover I am entirely uninhibited, passionate and slightly...well...wicked.

Veronica ~ VIP Party
Call Girls Europe >> Italy ~ Rome

Veronica is a real radiant beauty! Her pictures just cannot reflect her beauty. When you see her in real, you'll understand. She is tall, has an amazing feminine body, she is the perfect arm candy! Her ravishingly beautiful face is breathtaking!

Tel: +506 7058 6191
WhatsApp +506 87705046

Made it Pensacola Florida !!

Book now!
Screening is a must if your not ok with screening please don’t contact me!

Sensual latin masseuse available this weekend in London, UK for some erotic fun to experience an unforgettable

Location: London, UK
Contact, WhatsApp:+447715625133
10am- 11pm
7Days a Week

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🌹 Robert ~ VIP Party

Robert is polite and respectful, and love the company of women, whom he seem to relate to very well on all levels. He is very easy going and guarantee no awkwardness. Robert would love to have the pleasure of your company at dinner, nights in, over nights, weekends away or romantic holidays.

Tel: +506 7058 6191
WhatsApp +506 87705046


How long has it been ? Real fun .... That up all night party and play till you pass out and wake up with the urge to Repeat it all with DaniellaTheStar..... The good time that you have in your mind.... I bring to life ! Don't play games with your fun money ! Make it count , I am not an all the time treat for most men.... Special treat for YOU ! Save and Stop wasting ! Take your shot !

💋 Call Girls Europe

Two new ladies joined today from Spain: Madrid and Barcelona. We will be Ready for listings / bookings next week. ;)

Now with Ladies in Italy, UK and Spain.

Castings can be send to:

Tel: +506 7058 6191
WhatsApp +506 87705046

Sofia ~ VIP Party

Sofia is a wonderful and glamorous girl, a top model of striking beauty. She is is friendly, sociable, fun to be with, adorable and kind. Sofia has beautiful hair with captivating eyes and a warm tender voice...

Tel: +506 7058 6191
WhatsApp +506 87705046

💗 Carla ~ VIP Party

Carla has all your fantasies wrapped up in one exciting package, with good looks, and a desire to please. She has a cheerful charisma, and a seductive appearance. Carla is friendly, sociable, and fun to be with. She is a sexy stylish lady, with her coquettish charm, and her immense sex appeal.

Tel: +506 7058 6191
WhatsApp +506 87705046

🌸 Natalia ~ VIP Party

Natalia is a girl full of positive energy, she is intelligent loves to exercise and stay fit. She has a pleasant charisma, stimulating and relaxing at the same time. She is a wonderful young lady she has a calm nature, a lovely personality and is a real great listener. Very charming..

Tel: +506 7058 6191
WhatsApp +506 87705046

💋 Anna ~ VIP Party

Anna is a pleasant company, adorably girlish and feminine. She is well organized, knows what she wants. Her appearance is lady-like, elegant and well groomed, she is very sensual and seductive, the perfect arm candy.

Tel: +506 7058 6191
WhatsApp +506 87705046

💋 Keilyn ~ VIP Party

Keilyn is a very lovely passion-ed girl, she likes to give you a loving romantic experience. Treat her like a lady with respect and honesty and she in return will give you the most sensual experience you ever dreamed of.

Tel: +506 7058 6191
WhatsApp +506 87705046

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