🍔Can’t wait to meat you 🍔

DC 1/19-24
Richmond 1/24-26



After a full weekend of death doula classes (both 8 hours each) + catching up with friends + planning an Italy trip + teaching two cat yoga classes …..

This is the dramatic reenactment of the rest of my day

Graze on my lips,
and if those hills be dry
Stray lower,
where the pleasant fountains lie.

Every time someone posts a full blurred face photo -
I think of this Dr Who episode.

Does this look like someone who had 3 shitty bourbons at LAX and had her AirPods stolen ??
Because 🥲🥲🥲🥲

LA -
You were adorable- even if I paid $19 for a macrobiotic salad.

I’m back home in Seattle until 1/12.

I adore little trips to the Time Travel Mart for all my time travelling needs

Okay but this gluten free, sugar free cupcake has changed my life .

Tea is steeping and I am so excited to start this book

Hey LA !
I will be visiting Jan 2-4th.

Wanna come by and share a kale smoothie ?

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