A dozen Covid tests* >>> a dozen roses

*as a gift, so I can travel w/out spending hours trying to find find a local clinic

What are folks thoughts on Grenache wine ?
I am sipping on one while my homemade lasagne bubbles in the oven.

What bad Hallmark/Lifetime movies are we watching this year?

I spent the last 15 min on the phone with a bank rep talking about grief and how to honor the rituals of the holiday season while you are missing someone.
While I know it fucked with her metrics , I hope it helped her mental health.

Admit it -
You would still fuck me if I wore this to our coffee date.

I have been a writing machine - and am whipping up the idea that -Western culture tries to love death away -Sims romancing Grim Reaper, Death and the Maiden, Persephone and Hades - since psychopomp manifestation is human- which is why our reaction to both emotions are fucked.

Cat yoga always makes laugh until I can’t breathe -and those few moments when I might die -
Worth it.

We are also amazingly interesting people.
Our work is just one aspect of our personalities- and I would love for folks (both industry and non) to know other sides.

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Don’t get me wrong - I adore bonding with fellow industry people, the nod of acknowledgement when you say “u avail” -

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New Hit Podcast Idea (???)

Sex Workers talk about literally anything else but sex work.

One of the things I adore about my social circle is that we are always off on adventures- and never know what time it is for the other person- so there is a healthy amount of compassion for “late” text replies.

We were really out there letting our phones ring with a specific tone AND paying .99 cents on our parents cards for the privilege.

My purse had to be checked at a function- the guard removed-
- feather pen
- journal
- mushroom knife
-oil blotting sheets
-$12 in pesos
-$15 in colones
-statue of Anubis
- white rabbit candy
-poetry book
- vintage compact
-sealed envelope
and I think it broke his brain

Came back from a call - and found this set up on the last day of a four day ski trip.

It’s like he knows me or something.

Come back from a call to find this little set up 🥺

It’s like he knows me or something

Checking to make sure this candy lives up to its childhood hype - for science

The ski resort I’m at thought my bamboo toothbrush was garbage so they tossed it. 😩😩

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