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I am available now in New York, New York, United States! To contact me, visit


Social media doesn't work the way you think it does. It's a marketing platform. Those horrible people you keep responding to, quotetweeting, and dunking on every hour? You're engaging with and sharing their content, which tells the algorithm that their content is worth promoting


Having a minor wardrobe malfunction in a fairy garden, or a typical Monday.

You're seeing 2x me to avoid preview cropping. But even 2x isn't enough, is it? to share adventures, company, cuddles...🥰

Please 💕


Are those Tindra's actual toes we can see protruding from a vintage pair of sheer nylon "peep toe" pantyhose? Why I do believe it is.. all ten of them 💖 What a naughty little strumpet she is.. I mean naked toes! How very rude 😍

Only Fans is full of bad behaviour, bad language, bare breasts, naked butts and fully exposed bajingo's! Basically its awesome 💦

Louise 💋💋💋

All Natural, Curvy, Busty, Beautiful Brunette

Private Midtown West Incall

GFE, Bodyrub

Phone Calls Only Please 646-207-6850

Available 12 noon-12 midnight

Location: New York, NYC Manhattan
Contact: 646-207-6850

Thirst can build deep down, like the pressure and heat in the Earth's core. Being deprived for too long, even with sips here and there, isn't enough to quench that thirst and relieve the pressure. Let that molten magma come to the surface and be slowly coaxed and nurtured so a pleasantly strong eruption can sooth and allow for proper rehydration 🤭 I think it's science or somethin' 🤷‍♂️😂🌋💦

Happy Thirstday SWitties 😍😘


day two of my tattoo. Little did i know what i was getting into!

My ass is still sore. But when it's healed I really really need to be spanked well ;)

2 days till Berlin! catch me while you can <3

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