Teacher complains her iPad's "speaker is broken".

You know why it's "broken", because you put a headphone jack into the iPad and broke it off leaving it in there.


(i'm posting this here instead of doing what the asshole in the gif is doing)

btw i know everyone likes to bash the Electoral College. And I get it. But the Electoral College isn't what mandates the winner take all madness. The states do it because it gives them more "importance". Battleground states could just be a collection of congressional districts.

vaped a bit to get me started. and ate an edible for later.

feeling a little stupid.

moving the soldering iron out of the way to cool down, i managed to put my knuckle on the iron's tip.

gee, why was i moving this out of the way?

Serious question.

Is the staff at EVERY dispensary so nice and friendly?

Etiquette question for you all.

"Santa's Favorite Ho" - Appropriate and fun gift for a fave, or nah?

For a costume I'm working on, I'm using a metallic paint pen to turn an older pair of glasses into gold framed glasses. It's working surprising well.

Curious. Which of these do you eat most often?
Feel free to comment and fill in any details.

Zoom(M) > InPerson(M)

{M ∣ M ∈ Meetings, M ∈ ℝ, M ⊄ ℚ}

Over the last couple of days I have spent HOURS searching for just the right gift and I am entirely stymied. What do you do for gift finding inspiration?

Found this out today and had to share.

"The one thing that everybody agrees upon is that the name “boba” is a reference to the 1980s Hong Kong sex symbol Amy Yip, whose nickname, “Boba,” is also a Chinese slang term for her most famous pair of physical assets."

ironically, I will forever think of @cora_london@twitter.com whenever I make myself a chai. Brings a smile to my face every time. damn I miss her.

The cold weather has me cooking/eating lots of soup. In the past week or so, I've made these soups:
chicken vegetable
mushroom barley
potato leek
tomato rice
cream of mushroom
butternut squash

What soups do you crave in the cold weather? What soups have you made?

does anyone know of a dildo that comes with a standard 1/4-20 UNC threads to be attached to a tripod? or is there an easy way to add those threads to a dildo?

asking for a friend (of course)

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