There are many, but one of the main reasons I became a companion was because I enjoy making friends in new places! Would you like to get someone special out of DC for a night and show her around your city?🤗

I'm an exceedingly cute asian grad student, early 20s, down-to-earth, easygoing, good-natured...5'3"/118/34C

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London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, New York, Barcelona, Paris...

I like to visit New York on the weekends...or on holidays...when there's no class. We could be friends, coudln't we? ❤️

Meet me...

22 ˚ Asian ˚ 5'3" ˚ 118 ˚ 34C

Washington DC (New York NY on occasion)


Fall is finally here, but with some planning, I'm sure we could get to be very good friends ❤️ Let's make it a date:

22 ˚ Asian ˚ 5'3" ˚ 118

Location: Washington DC

Contributions: $600/hr



See you soon...

Meeting in Baltimore if you want to hang for for a bit longer 🤗


Contributions: $1200 - 2 Hrs

I'm often free to visit NY...We should make plans! Weekends are best, but arrangements can be made for longer trysts.

22 ˚ Asian ˚ 5'3" ˚ 118

Location: Frequent Visitor of Manhattan

New York City Contribution: $1200/2 hours



See you soon...

I just updated my tours on my profile! Catch me in New York. To pre-book, visit

I will come to Los Angeles...just for you

♥️ Chelsea ♥️


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