Right now, we're only on day 3 of Switter.
I've been here since there were only about 100 users on the first morning and I certainly don't speak for everyone. I'm only a user not an admin and I'm not involved in any of the wider Mastodon communities.
BUT I am finding the attitude of some users on here totally inexplicable.

Other media are being closed to you. A group has made this instance available to use. But its part of a wider community - just like real life is.


You have the opportunity to set up a fantastic 'shop window'
But some people seem to be determined to get it closed down by other communities, just because it's their wish to blast their version of what they want to publish and force it onto everyone else.

Content warnings and sensitive content settings do NOT stop you publishing anything.

But they do mean that those who dont want to see them dont get it forced on them. They need to actively change their own settings or click through.



Some people seem to be determined to get this instance isolated by simply ignoring some common sense suggestions about controlling the publishing of content.

TBH if thats what you want, go somewhere else, Mastodon is not for you.

This platform gives you the chance to operate a shop window while controlling the access others have to your content to protect minors and others and being considerate of other communities.


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If you feel the guidelines and community rules are stifling you and are censoring you, then no-one is forcing you to be here - although you ARE trying to force your content on others without their consent.

No-one is preventing you publishing it.
Several of us are asking you to be considerate and tag it appropriately so that other instances and other users can choose to see it or not.

Consent is vital in SW. I see no reason why it should be any different online.

4/ End of rant.

I wish there was a way Switter users could feel comfortable posting openly and publicly on their own instance without having to worry about it leaking over into the timelines of other instances, while still being able to federate. It does seem really unfair tbh.

Though I appreciate how polite and respectful people from Switter are being!

@frankiesaxx I've set my preference to 'Unlisted' - even though I dont normally post graphic content.
You can then set any individual post to Public.
It just helps prevent accidental publishing - but then I'm not a provider, so not bothered about the exposure the timelines give :)

I love the CW and Sensitive content and privacy status options - I think they are a powerful way of allowing users to publish content, but control (to some extent) its release.

It was better when you could hide photos and/OR text, the image bots like @Marchillect could hide the source links behind a CW and the posts were more aesthetic.

It *was* pretty nonintuitive though. There was a lot of confusion.

@frankiesaxx We seem to have a small minority being difficult about using content warnings etc - but the minority does seem to be getting smaller through the day.
Also have some learning curve for users to get used to CWs as a new feature for most people.

In general, I've found the SW community to be very responsive to needs of people outside - I guess there are 'difficult' people in many walks of life and I trust the Switter admins will deal with that as appropriate.

It's not just Switter users there's plenty of fights over it in the wider fediverse too. (I 100% refuse on ethical grounds to CW photos of living spiders, for instance. ;)

My impression is Switter is trying very hard to be good neighbors. It's also not like every un-CW'd post is blasting our timelines with boobies. Only the post by people someone on our server follows show up in the public timeline.

And multiple accounts across different instances aren't at all frowned on, so I guess a lot of people will just make Switter accounts rather than following from their main.

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