I’m sick of *cough *cough some of you ladies bragging about how Sesta doesn’t affect you, belittling women who worked Backpage..... None of us are above the other.... Not everyone is as blessed as some, but doesn’t make them less than.... I’m surprised at a time like this some of you are being so inconsiderate..... Some of these women have kids they actually take care of (not have Grandma take care of them) who depend on Backpage and these sites to feel them. News flash. WE ALL ARE AFFECTED !!!!

@ccchanel And it is a steady march to censor porn as well. These women do not see the steady onslaught of our rights being stripped away....how this is steadily coming for online work too.

And yes. it effects us all. Maybe their incomes aren't effected yet, but the policies are disenfranchising.. I need coffee bc ... but you are SOOO correct.

@KLttyKat even if it doesn’t affect them diresctly it affects the business... I posted on BP and although I had to weave out more bullshit the 1-3 people I did see were worth it and became regulars. When I would travel last min short trips was best way to post and make money..... Just kept seeing post saying “if sesta affects you your not doing it right” blah blah

@ccchanel AGREE. And it is effecting ALL OF US. No matter what area of work we are in . Also... I can't see what you are responding too bc errors.. I assume bc all the hoes jumped right back on switter the second it was up


Yeah I never know what someone is responding to

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