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If anyone would like to send even a dollar or a few, feel free! This is for anyone who’s not close enough to book! 💕😙💕

The accounts I’m specifically referring to that ruffled my feathers are the ones claiming to make tens of thousands of dollars a month. And please don’t think I’m discounting the hard work they put into their content but claiming our struggles is pushing it

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Do they realize how much of the market they stole from us, and they never even had to physically interact with anyone from our world? And to cry that they are in the same boat as us when they have hurt what we built up? They’ve never had to read a review of themselves and while I’m glad for that, they really don’t acknowledge who has built this easy ride for them. Rant over, thoughts?

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Hi everyone, I wanted to ask your thoughts on this OnlyFans Bella Thorne topic. How does it make you feel? It has brought up one point specifically for me and that is, most of the gals who started an OF in the past couple of years they to changed the standard on OF, by including their face in their content. The same gals complaining about Bella changing things, did change things, and they refuse to acknowledge it from their nice apartments whereas gals like me have actually been out in the field

Happy 4th y’all! However you are celebrating, whatever it represents for you, I hope it’s wonderful!

New post on ! Wish I had some cute outfits for there💕😽💕

Do you like my new lingerie?New selfie!

Catch me at home before I leave.
Home in now until 6/24
By Appt/Outcall only 8am-2am

Older Gents is my forte!
Screening is required

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I’ll be posting more frequently to now that I’m taking a course and looking for a steady foodservice job!!!

I hope everyone is doing well! It’s difficult to navigate these times, not sure if it’s safe to resume visiting friends yet, what do you all think?

I hope everyone is staying healthy and sane!!! 💕😙💕

Happy birthday to me!! I hope everyone has a fabulous day!!!! 💕😽😉💕

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! I hope it’s extra special and full of fun 😉💕😻

Hi everybody!!! I apologize for my absence, the 9-5 working life sucked me back in! Unfortunately there’s always bills to pay and a for the past many weeks a complete silence of those who want to play!!

a beautiful sunset to end the day 💕☺️💕

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