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🐱 Belle's Syllabus 🐱

^ read before you contact me!

^ this is how you contact me!$booksandt

^ I love surprises and my cash app is $booksandt

^ another way to surprise me!

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PSA: If I'm traveling or reserving a hotel for us, I ask for a 20% deposit.

If I started an OnlyFans, who would be the first to sign up?

Question: is anyone in interested in a new service I'd like to call threesome-in-a-box?

I show up to your house with a partner. You get the threesome of your dreams. I...well, I get to be me.

News in @booksandtits -land:
🍑 I might have moved back to SF.
🍑 I might be coming out of retirement.
🍑 I DEFINITELY want one of you to take me to a movie tonight.

Any takers?

I'm still here.

I am just very, very UTR.

I hope you're all well!

She didn't write "what will you do with your one mediocre and dull life", but "what will you do with your one wild and precious life."

Let's go on an adventure.

Toto is the shit I don’t care what anyone says.

Motivational Monday ❤️

"Try to say nothing negative about anybody. " - Yoko Ono

"Jennifer's Body" by Hole is a deeply underrated song.

Let's make (Courtney) love to your favorite song.


Charmed is coming back.

Targeted advertising was right this time -- of course I want to know more about a witchy tale of three sisters!

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