Oh shoot....it’s almost April fools day....need some good ideas. Last year I bought some fake lottery tickets, that worked great. Need to top that

Mondays.............that all I got to say.

Remember, sex is a team sport. There is no “i” in team.......unless your at home with a glass of wine by yourself watching reruns of Seinfeld

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What the hell? It’s monday and I am already exhausted from the week.....

Friday finally! Happy weekend everyone. This felt like the longest week glad it’s over.....time for a drink.

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its STACY BARBIE 25YEARS OLD, i stand about 5'2
weigh 115, 34 TRIPPEL D's ;-) ALL NATURAL
.............. BOOK NOW leaving soon…………..
# blonde area eyes

Contact: 707-720-6665

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@Mackenzierose26 not only the cherry on top add in the sparklers too..... A+

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🤶🏻 Here’s a lil Christmas jingle I wrote just for you guys. Titled , “I’ll be a Hoe For Christmas”

Sung like, “I’ll be Home for Christmas”
Ehhem...*clears throat*

I’ll be a HOE for Christmas 🎄
You can pay for me 💲💲💲
They’ll be blow jobs and camel toe 🐫👠
And panties around my knees 👙

Moonlighting 🌛 tonight in
Contact: 323-689-2363

I'm in San Diego and its in the 50s....so cold. i should have my flip flops on, but can't......I know I know, should not be complaining

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Finally titty And taco Tuesday.....next up humpday....

Love my Sunday’s, but kind of wish for titty Tuesday.....

Vegas tomorrow with my buddies! Need to remember it’s a marathon not a sprint.

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