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I do believe my favorite aspect of cuckolding arrangements is building enough of a rapport that you know how to push their buttons remotely...

In tonight's news, I just learned that Lily Tomlin was the voice of my beloved Ms Frizzle!

That show was a major reason why I got a STEM degree and I know I can't be the only one; I just hope she knows how important that role was...

Greenhouse ramble time! Melons are appearing, though I've forgotten what kind they're meant to be...

Decided to share my morning greenhouse wander, just in case someone else gets as much joy out of it as I do... 🌱

Given that I'm going to need a new photo shoot when this is all over, anyway, I've decided I'm going to start posting my old photos for the hell of it.

How does once a week sound?

My greenhouse has been taken over by a pair of mutant bell pepper plants that're refusing to bloom. Any suggestions?

Yoga buddy strikes again...

And no, this wasn't posed; I really don't know why he loves my mat so much.

Hey fitness type people, I have questions:

One, does protein powder actually go bad or does it just get kind of old and lose flavor?

Two, one of the roommates will not stop drinking all the milk, so what are your favorite non-milk things to mix your protein powder with?

I'm quietly enjoying this newfound freedom to be terse with my random ad line texters - particularly the late night ones - while on hiatus.

Subtle signs that the provider you're visiting might be a top...

Trying to train my Pandora that I want exactly the kind of music it's giving me - just not in English - has been quite a challenge

I've had a late night thought so please bear with me...

White nationalists are societal kudzu.

They lurk underground and you may not notice that they're there, but when they come out they spread like wildfire and cause widespread negative effects.

Finally working through my backlog of emails... I'm moderately dismayed at how many people are trying to meet up during a pandemic. *sigh*

She always had
that about her, that
look of otherness, of
eyes that see things
much too far, and of
thoughts that wander
off the edge of the
world. — Joanne Harris

I've gone down a banjo music rabbit hole... anyone have recommendations worth checking out?

Social distancing and Pokemon has worked out pretty well for me so far...

If you're enlisted you don't have to engage in actions against the people you're meant to protect. There are other options. 1-877-447-4487

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