Happy New Year to everyone except the people in my neighborhood who thought it would be amusing to set off fireworks all night.

Poor spent the whole time shivering in fear and now we're both exhausted. Time for couch naps.

I miss Chicago so much it's ridiculous *sigh*

It's hard to believe that almost a year ago this sweet little rottie was living on the streets...and now he spends every night in my lap like the spoiled baby he is.

If anyone else is also doing the last minute sprint for lvl 40 in PoGo, I found a spreadsheet on Reddit that helps calculate the xp/day you need to grind to make it there. Happy Hunting!

There's a failed Tim Horton's franchise that I drive by sometimes and I get so wistful at the thought of what might've been

I've been reading Ready Player One and although I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by the casual transphobia - it is, after all, crafted for a specific quadrant of straight white male nerd - it's so frustrating when otherwise tolerable pieces of media pull this drek...

The worst part of covid for me isn't even the fact that I'm burning through my savings, unable to travel or see any paramours (old and new)...or even the pervasive fear of being infected through the callowness of others

Made the mistake of rewatching Life of Brian and oh boy, it did not age particularly well 😬

Snagged this from @PacificParamour@twitter.com because it's something to do that isn't gardening *laughs*

Drop a like & request a number for an answer 💚

Finally sat down to sort out over 10 years of photos and I've rounded up almost 100 of my old pics to share.

It's a mammoth task, but I'm incredibly excited to show off how I've changed over my decade in the industry...

So I'm trying to do a socially distanced hike with one of my civvie friends and so far she's 45 minutes late after telling me she was going to be 20 minutes late and I should've assumed this was going to happen and stopped at Starbucks like I wanted to.


I hate when you walk outside at night and you can just feel that summer is drawing to a close...

Newsletter coming out tomorrow morning! Subscribe before 0900 EST to help me make a decision about my next sexy venture...

Took on a weekend project on a whim, but now I have jar storage in my kitchen!

I've finally figured out my 2020 voting strategy:

If I'm going to be standing outside someone's house/office and yelling at them to do better, I'd rather it be the person without the white supremacists standing guard.

That's it, that's the whole strategy.
Elect, then yell.

Hey guys, a friend of a friend is trying to re-home a beige female pitbull here in Indy. She's great with dogs, not with cats.

If you're interested, shoot me a DM and I can send you pics or connect you with the owner...

Welcome to tonight's scammy email, in case anyone else gets something similar.

Good morning! I just realized I've been locked out of my protonmail account until I pay for my subscription again, so I'm very sorry if you're waiting for an email *sigh*

I was recently gifted about 20 lb of freestone peaches, so after eating as many as I could stand I spent today blanching, peeling, freezing and making preserves and cobbler.

Productive, but intensely messy.

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