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I am available now in Portland, Oregon, United States! To contact me, visit

Meet me in Paris oct. 26 to nov. 2! 🍓

Transboy ✨

I am a mix of sensuality and sluttiness, an exhibitionist at heart but also soft and caring. Message me to meet me: 💌

I really really want a monster mouth binder from shapeshifters and they’re on sale but I don’t even have money for essentials let alone luxuries like a binder that fits hnnnng wish I could finally make payout on MV 🥺😭 I’m only $25 away

I’m supposed to move out in four weeks and I should be excited to finally get to be in a healthy living space, but I’m actually really fucking terrified. I have basically no income currently, $30 a month is nothing.

just so ya know, if you buy content or subscribe to onlyfans or send a tip, feel free to hit me up for a conversation. I love talking to new people you just gotta make it worth my time 😌

now that it’s october it might be a good time to remind people to TAG YOUR BLOOD PLAY POSTS like omfg that stuff needs to be tagged it’s really triggering

check out this FREE blowjob blooper vid to see me being absolutely adorable 👉 ✨ I was trying to suck ’s (they/them) dick but could not stop laughing! Hope it makes you smile 🥰

I woke up with a migraine, but this made me feel so much better 😍 I haven’t been feeling great, but I hope to add new content soon; thank you so much 💕

My new vid is so hot! I tie myself up and then fuck myself with a glass dildo until I cum twice. There's lots of struggling against the rope and toe wiggling (if that's your thing)!

Get it here:

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