drowning in dysphoria again tonight, feeling like I might throw up. It’s wild to me that I can post nudes here and y’all will be into it like.... it’s weird that people view me/my body in a positive light. gods sex work is so weird when you’re dysphoric.

I found some clothes from my emo/scene phase and I am living for it omg yessssss 😅😍

packing up my stuff to move out is causing so many gender feels. It’s dysphoria-so-bad-I-could-throw-up hours tonight 🙃 what do you do to cope with body dysphoria about things you can’t change (now or ever)?


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I have some Thoughts about that tweet going around about how you should ask before venting to your friends. Idk if anyone’s gonna see but THREAD:

MY BINDER SHIPPED!!!! I’m so exciteddddddd omggggg aaaaaaah thank you so much, everyone! I was able to reach payout on MV because of your kindness 💕❣️💖

I have an exhausting week ahead of me getting ready to move out! It’s exciting but nervewracking aah I hope we have time/money to do the finishing touches for painting, as well as fixing that CO leak plus affording some shelving 😬😖 it’s so much

went to a dog show today and got to pet SO MANY dogs! and now I kinda want a puppy but they’re so much work and we couldn’t afford it anyway. I miss having an aussie but being disabled, idk if I’ll ever have the energy for one ):

I took some nudes in my new room ☺️ I put a few on onlyfans; I’ll post some here and the rest there soon! I mostly wanted to show off the newly painted walls and floor haha

my mom kinda insinuated she was expecting me to move out this weekend, like get more of my stuff out of her house but... I can’t really officially move until the carbon monoxide leak is fixed 😬

staying at the house I’ll be moving in to is a fun experience but it’s opening my eyes to all the things we still need to do and it makes me want to cry because we can’t really afford any of it 😭

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I’m staying over my partner’s house for a few days and omG the bedroom I’ll be moving into gets SO MUCH natural light I canNOT wait to make content in it!!! :D

we stained/varnished the floor in my bedroom last night! I wanna take nudes in my room soon cause it looks so niiiice. Couple more things left before I can move in. I’ll be more active here once I do

I’m sorry I haven’t been super active here, I can’t make content til I move out, but also I’ve become more and more numb to literally everything. I don’t really have the motivation for sex work. at all. esp not when I get zero attention for the things I *do* manage to create

the sound of cashapp scares me cause I do rarely hear it ahaha 😅 thank you so much though! 💕❣️

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