sometimes I feel old in the trans community at 25 and that makes me deeply and incredibly sad. I’m glad these youth get to have a childhood as the right gender. I wish I could’ve physically transitioned sooner. It hurts. and our life expectancy is so /short/

I am having peeps (marshmallow) flavored cereal with my rosé and I feel very much like an adult 🥴 it is tasty tho. I have SUCH a sweet tooth lol

can I just like phase my physical body out of existence? or completely transform it? what do you mean I have to go through the mortifying ordeal of being perceived by other people

thought I was getting better but I’m starting to phase out of existence again. is any of this real? trying to still keep with work (not that there’s really any work to keep up with). but thanks for being patient. I’ll be ok someday. even if it takes a few years

if we’re talking about xenogenders I’ve always vibed hard with the term “neptunian”, defined as “a gender linked to the void and to a soft, celestial, masculine energy”. (It’s been supposedly reworked but I like the original best) plus the flag’s colors are super pretty

I’ve been having a pretty bad health week ): just feeling exhausted for no (obvious) reason. But I’ve been trying my hardest to still post some content even if it’s not much. I think that’s neat. am proud of me

hey what up my name is Auberon and I shaved for the first time ever yesterday 🤗

my facial hair is still super patchy lol but I’m working on it!

I’m doing a bunch of sales to raise money for medical costs and for building a work studio space! Check out the images in this thread for more details 👇 or go to

alright so I have a BUNCH of medical costs that I’ve been putting off for over a year bc I haven’t had the money to pay for any of them but they’re really starting to affect my quality of life 😬 I’m also trying to refurbish a space in the garage into a work studio so I actually

it’s the end of pride month but I’m reposting these bc I really like them even if I look different now (they’re from last year). Like I have so much more body hair now x’)

day dreaming about the day I’ll have a nice work studio space so I can film more content 😭 I miss creating but I have zero motivation or space to film much of anything currently

I organized some stuff and queued up a little for onlyfans today! I think that mental fog is starting to pass maybe? I’m able to get a little done. I don’t feel up to making content until I have a better space for it tho

I’ll make a tweet about this soon but I added a bunch of my content to if you’re interested in direct sales/downloads for my clips! I’ll be adding some video bundles soon as well as a fundraising goal for creating my work studio and that adhd diagnosis 🤗

so in addition to needing money for adhd treatment and for refurbishing the garage into a work studio, I might need new glasses. I have a structural irregularity in my one eye so I have to see someone with all the equipment but that’s expensive. sigh

wanna be a little kitten and get lots of pets and take naps all day with no pressing responsibilities or need to sell my soul to capitalism to barely even survive like fuck this

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