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sitting in my own living room and I can hear some explosions. It sounds like they’re right outside; I have no idea how far away they actually are. I’m terrified. I don’t know if they’re actually bombs or if they’re sonic attacks

I made a giant document covering all sorts of topics around pr0test1ng! It even has links to places to donate at the end. I gathered a bunch of information and organized it in a more accessible format than twitter. plz give it a look and share it around!

I’ve been collecting informational links on all sorts of topics. I think I’m going to organize all that info and put it in a more accessible format. DM me if you want the link to the doc when I’m done or if you have any specific questions- I will research it for you!

hey yeah I haven’t felt up to making/posting content lately and current events make it even less appealing. Going to be focusing on spreading info since that’s about all I can do ): stay safe and stay informed, everyone!

hmm I think the main reason why I’ve been struggling to really be present with SW is cause of dysphoria 🙃 like yes stress, but also I don’t like my body right now so ???

I hate adhd bc I can’t choose what I focus on and lately my brain has been focusing on everything but SW and I hate it 🙃

I really need to watermark the content I have and put it up on onlyfans/avnstars but I keep getting distracting with (personal) creative writing and sewing stuff instead oops, sorry

woke up after a bunch of bad nightmares only to see my follower count is continuing to decrease I’m feeling not great at all 😢😓

I was reminded today that my birthday is in three weeks or so and I just want to remind everyone that time is fake and days of the week are an illusion. I can’t believe I’m turning 25 what the fuck didn’t think I’d live far past 18

sometimes I think about making a new account and not telling anyone about it to see if I get any more engagement there, like as an experiment. But I’d be worried it wouldn’t do anything, that I’d be just as invisible 🙃

I’m back under 1500 and I don’t understand why 😰 I’m really sad about this. My account had been stuck at 1.4k for months and months. I thought my account was finally started to gain momentum and grow again. But guess I was wrong. I’m still invisible

I went to bed early to feel less tired but my dog woke me up at 6 am to protect her from a thunderstorm and then I couldn’t really get back to sleep after that ): I just want to have energy for once I want to accomplish things

I just finished a book about a woman breaking free from and healing from Purity Culture in a fantasy setting with dragons and I have Feelings. like I’m reeling, was not expecting the book to hit so hard I’ve never read a book like that. (Tess of the Road by Rachel Hartman)

I know a lot of people are looking for KK Bubblegum. It’s in my nook catalogue today! I can only buy two more copies- would anyone want one?

sorry, I’ve been having a bunch of sick days and haven’t been coping well so I’ve been running off to fantasy through books/writing of my own. I’ll be more present here at some point? feeling distant from reality and that includes SW

my energy levels have dropped significantly and I feel like there’s weights strapped to all my joints. I’m trying to do work when I can. But I’m sorry if it’s not enough. I’m sorry I can’t work enough to not lose followers. I’m sorry my best isn’t enough. I’m just so... /tired/

I’d really like to not be exhausted at all times thanks 😓

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