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is it too much to ask people to tag their bloodplay and/or knife play :S theyre both triggers for me, one more so than the other and uhhh I don’t like seeing blood on my TL, thx

reminder that this is also a bit of a personal account to network with other queer SWers in addition to being a business account. If you don’t want to listen to any of my rambling, subscribe to for lots of uncensored nudes :3

🍓 FTM twink based in Brussels. Caring, sensual, smart and a skilled slut. I have a preference for long sessions that give us to take time to discover each other...

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You’re so ice ice baby, at the same time you make me melt... just can’t get enough ❄️💦

twitter is barely loading anything to my timeline it’s virtually blank??? and I severely miss seeing all the cuties I follow :O I don’t like this

I hate when I’m too fatigued to top/dom. I would like normal human levels of energy again plz

I really love my tarot decks, but I feel like I hardly get to use them? hmm maybe I could offer readings as a store item on manyvids or smth 🤔

I’m so ... tired. Like the world is full of so many horrors and all I want to do is CREATE; I want to add some light and beauty and something /good/ to this world

can’t get over how masculine I look when I wear dresses 🥰🌹🥀

it is a good thing to remind everyone that I am biologically male, my sex is male. I am a dude, bro. Plenty of homo. I am a gay man, buddy

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I need sales to get out of my toxic living situation 😥

I missed posting this on international nonbinary day but oh well. I /am/ nonbinary, but I get scared to ID as nb cause people will use that as an excuse to misgender me and see me as merely “woman lite” when my gender is a lot more like “man lite” 1/8

I’ve gained so much weight on T and I actually feel like I’m at a health weight, for the first time in my life. T is teaching me to love my body and I’m so grateful that I get to transition 💖💙

reminder to check out my avn stars profile! I’m posting every day for now until I catch up and it’s only $3 for your first month! Get it now before the price goes up! I’m really enjoying the website so far, very easy to use.

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