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really need more things I can wear my packer with because that bulge is 👌💦

I just finished making my first ever pair of kitten ears to sell on etsy!! they’re AMAZING. Hoping to get them and a few collars up by the end of the week. Follow to stay posted :3

I need to get work done for etsy but it’s just about 60° in the house and it’s so cold my fingers are too stiff to make anything. Really wish I had the money to repair all the things so I could move out already ): I can’t make content for sex work in this cold either

might be getting sick? but I am most definitely dissociating. for the third day in a row. I’m not going to be posting any nudes until I feel better, sorry everyone. Still need that thirty six cents on MV to reach payout by the end of the month tho

I hate MV but since Mv Crush now has 90% payout... I might upload more content to it. It’s just so glitchy ugh and MV is...... Why can’t they make everything a higher payout? this is a marketing ploy with our wages held captive and I don’t like it

ah I missed the cut off for payout but that’s ok, $0.36 is a reasonable goal to earn by the end of the month, right?

I also woke up to this in my inbox?? I’m feeling so overwhelmed and very blessed omg 😭 with each new sale, I’m one step closer to moving out and being somewhere healthier, thank you so much

cashapp hasn’t been sending me notifs but opened it on a whim and there’s money in it????? a few people were feeling generous. Between that and being only thirty six cents ($0.36) away from payout on MV I’m waking up to start sobbing omg

the community of SWers on here is amazing, y’all are the sweetest people ever and I am absolutely going to cry over it. I wish more than anything that I had money to give back and help others 😭 y’all are what make this job worth it

there’s a coupon for my MV when you subscribe to my onlyfans, but if I make up a coupon now, would anyone buy something so I can hit payout by like tomorrow?

i’m only $15 away from payout on MV but the current pay period ends on the 16th (I think?) and I doubt I’m going to make it by then 😥 reminder that I’m gonna buy a binder when I hit payout! But I also need the money so I can move out

I began escorting in an effort to recover from my 70-90 hour work weeks. I know many assume we are drug users, home wreckers, or have been sexually abused. An all to familiar stigma that keeps many of us feeling like what we do is wrong.

I enjoy sex very much, but that's not why I stay. The ability to help others is what fuels my desire to do what I do.

I hope you find some comfort in reading the article below, which offers a different approach to sex work.

thank you so much!!! 💕 come see why they stick around! get access to nearly 400 nudes for only $10! 👉

tbh I’m ... scared ): Help me reach payout on MV? or subscribe to my OnlyFans?

I have to put off moving out because I can’t afford it. A bunch of things need to be done still to the house before I can live there. And I’m really not handling this well 😰😪

😺✏ — I really want a do a triple flat one day with a bee, a flower, and a gem. I also want a gem cluster piece for my nipple and a bullet-ended circular barbell for my dick. ALL of this…

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