It would be nice to go to the movie with someone who *actually* wants to watch the movie and not try to finger me or any other weird shit. Like... how fucking rude do you have to be to just assume that I am down to have you ruin the movie. Also, CONSENT is important. And if you invite a SWer to see a movie that doesn't mean she wants your nasty ass hands all over her for the price of a movie ticket.

So, some of you know I'm new here, just starting out. I have come to the realization that this is gonna be a little harder than I thought. With all these new laws I'm reading about had thrown a fucking monkey wrench into my plans. So, with that being said, who else is here? Anyone having some problems like getting on sites, being verified, etc... ? Anyone have some advice for the lol? DM me if you have some ideas you are willing to share. Thanks 😘


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