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Wishing everyone a great night. I going to sleep with a smile ๐Ÿ˜˜

@sunshine_lovely thanks for the follow. I hope you have a successful and beautiful day

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Hi, guys! Here is my availability for the upcoming days:

Monday 11/15 available late afternoon - midnight
Tuesday 11/16 available morning, early afternoon, evening

Book a luxurious moment in time with me this week... to get your blood pumping ;) I am a 20-something young woman enjoying what life has to offer, while bringing great experiences to you๐Ÿ˜

Location: New York, New York
Contact: kittylola.ch

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drinking Milan $ Greene triple case tonight . Love a smooth bourbon .

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@Jessica_rose hey thanks for the follow. Love your look. Guess I will have to find an excuse to travel soon

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Heyy im jessica!!
Looking for a good time!!



Location: Reno nv
Contact: 775-719-6988

I have been married over twenty yrs and I have never been lonelier.

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Looking for gentleman that can come have some fun with me i have rent and bills that is due i have to take care of today and all week 1hr specials and 2hrs specials in only texts or email only 6187894270 retweet please screen is require

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Iโ€™m showing a little baby bump on my petite figure. I am glowing and have green eyes and blonde hair. My name is Alice Juliet and I am in my early 20โ€™s. My talent often surprises people who donโ€™t know me yet ;) I get a lot of attention and love to perfect my appearance. I love meeting new friends as well.

Location: Houston, Texas
Contact: 346-467-9873

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Fellow Switter Friends,
As a result of the Switter rules regarding the ratio of followers /following, I have deleted all of those I was following to clean house of all the inactive accounts. This prevents me from following/promoting the lovely new ladies/gents who are populating this space. Starting over, so If you see a follow request you know why.
Stay Sxxxy Switter!

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@Starr3176 thanks for the following. To bad im at the the coast of Texas and not DFW

Im on a business trip in Texas and the hotel bar is open. I didn't realize how much I miss drinking in public with other souls . Yes, I'm fully vaxxed . cheers ๐Ÿฅƒ

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