What is your go to seduction move. Mine is cleaning the kitchen and then gently rubbing her butt as she lays across my lap

I have never been a fan of county music but a friend introduced me to the music of Townes Van Zandt. Incrediable story teller.

@Sammywelsh Thanks for the boost. I have followed and look forward to getting to know you

@Wendyflo thanks for the follow. I look forward to getting to know you

I love watching the show The Dead Files about a retired Det and a Physical medium. The medium at the end of the show recommands methods for people to get rid of ghost in their homes. Her recommendations are like, " you need a strong male meduim and a reiki master...." Where do you find those people? Can you just call them?

called in sick to go hiking I went to bucket list location in Glen
rose Tx. The dinosaur tracks were awesome. Felt like a kid again

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Damn I wish I had some real butter to put in these grits I just made ☹️

I can not describe the tension and excitement I feel as I hear a great set of legs in high heels approach

my chiroprator has been on vacation and I miss him. In despite need of an adjustment

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why is it still in the high 90's in Texas? I need frisky fall weather

I woke up tired and I m struggling to stay awake at my desk.

@Lizzy32 thanks for the boost and favored. following you and I am inpressed

Visited Eccie today and what the hell happen?

Im at a hotel bar in Dallas and I'm pretty sure an undercover is working me or this girl is brand new to the game

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