Can anyone think of a videogame that has a proper denouement? Preferably in gameplay rather than cutscenes.

@CoughingSound I think it counts though. I’m surprised I forgot about it

@CoughingSound @amydentata yeah braid’s denouement was alright. I like the ending of Out of this World / Another World because there’s an intense boss battle followed by one final challenge followed by the nice open-ended conclusion

Undertale mild end spoilers 

Undertale mild end spoilers 

flash game (cw: mass extinction) 

@amydentata idk in Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia a bunch of sidequests open up after finishing the last mission, many of which are basically just Resolving Loose Ends, and once you complete all *those* you get a nice little second conclusion. (idk if that counts exactly? but i played the game again just recently and it's On My Mind so)

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