i wish more games (read: all games) started like breath of the wild:
- a few seconds of intro
- play

these days i have negative patience for intro cutscenes

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it's easier to do an open start when your game has a consistent set of rules that are always followed. i.e. closer to the ideal of the immersive sim. this is the only genre i truly care about anymore, so i'm biased

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@amydentata one of the big things in the video is that botw being an immersive sim helped the non-gamer in question a lot, because whenever she looked at a situation and thought "I could do [x]", she could actually do [x]

which in the games she tried last time, was often not the case

@amydentata I think "play" is the important part here.

Often many games launch you into hyper limited areas where you are taught things like some sort of lecture.

Giving people a playpen to just goof around is so much better and another thing Breath of the Wild did so right.

@pandora_parrot @amydentata i think one of the best things about it is how full and big the opening/learning area feels, even if it’s small compared to the full map

@pandora_parrot @amydentata like you aren’t spending that time going, “ugh, when is the game going to finally open up” because it already feels like it has when it actually hasn’t, yet

@pandora_parrot @amydentata so many tutorials suck because they aren’t in any way fun and don’t provide any freedom to the player. Botw’s tutorial is basically its own mini game unto itself

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