If I had money I’d place a lot of bets on current medical “mysteries.”

- Much obesity is untreated fatigue misinterpreted as hunger
- Many things that claim to “improve sex drive” in women (trans&cis) just improve pelvic floor stability

- An unknown unknown number of “women’s health problems” are caused by doctors only prescribing one hormone (the entire history of medicine is about lazily refusing to study “women’s” health in-depth)

(I use scare quotes because ITS JUST HEALTH, PEOPLE. STUDY IT)

Oh and the causal chain for untreated fatigue is actually two chains: Fatigue -> false hunger pangs, and Fatigue -> obesity. NOT Fatigue -> hunger -> obesity. It’s a systemic downward spiral, not a food problem.

@amydentata Hi, could you please CW talk about obesity and food? Much appreciated.

@amydentata yeah...

I've just started trying to get over the whole "you're just fat and lazy" thing I've had to drag with me my entier life 🤷‍♀️

But I was actually sick in two was which just get worse and can cause other additional issues if left untreated 😭

@amydentata a) ‘obesity’ is not a disease b) the implication that many fat people experience more hunger & just eat more than thin people & thus, fatness, is demonstrably untrue c) a lot of fat people in the fat acceptance movement, self included, don’t like the terms obesity & overweight, and are choosing to reclaim fat as a value-neutral descriptor.

@Cathymarinara I was speaking to my OWN experiences with that one, so thanks

@amydentata ...are you familiar with the Gardasil and Depakote controversies yet? and the "treat (cis) women as pre-pregnant" CDC guidelines?'s gross.

@cidney I’m not but it sounds like exactly the kind of thing I would expect

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