Talk to your kids about capitalism, before someone else does

Signs that your teen might be involved with capitalism:
- Wears suits and/or khakis
- Blames poor people for being poor
- Pays their employees less than they are worth
- Receives bonuses after laying off workers
- Says that charity is the solution to income inequality

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@amydentata imagine thinking that employees, as people, are worth any amount of money

if youre underpaid, take it up with your employer, or refuse to work for them. for most jobs that pay peanuts, employers know your skill is replaceable by mexicans and indians
@amydentata let me clarify the first sentence, forgot to complete it. what i mean is "why the hell are you putting a price tag on peoples lives"

work isnt about that, dont conflate working wage with life value

my avatar is official artwork of a character from warioland 4... dont think thats anywhere near an anime

@wowaname anyways good luck with "you can't afford rent or food, but don't take it personally"

@amydentata good luck making non-sequitir replies instead of debating this out like an adult
@wowaname @amydentata You're replying to someone from switter.
As in literally a street walker with a napoleon complex.

Don't expect much sense.
@nerthos ya i read @amydentata's bio and i was gonna say "good luck whoring yourself" but i saw the "ex-SW" and figured it wouldnt work to the desired effect
@wowaname @amydentata The thing I hate the most of switter is that they all have such entitled and rotten personalities, they're all whore-princesses

It makes it really easy to hate whores and forget that some of the ones working the streets are there because they don't have a choice, when you have these assholes around.
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