Thankfully the article is much, much better than the headline. But it made me think of this


I don't know how they work at Buzzfeed, but often editors write the headlines, not the person who gets the byline. I guess no matter what, any headline that mentions "millennials" is gonna put millennials on edge

@amydentata I kinda wanna start spelling it mbillennials on here like we do gameing and cybre and whatall.

@amydentata What's weird about it is that I actually like the name? And like being a millennial? Not the shitty parts, clearly. But I identify really strongly with the label. So I'm a bit surprised to find myself wanting to undermine it. But here we are.

@benhamill the term has been dragged through the mud by old economy steves

I wonder if I really know what #Millenial means.

I have a close collegue born in 1998: does he count as a Millenial?

I also have several other similarly aged collegues that joined our company in the last two years: they are all hard workers, quite curious and open to new ideas (if a bit naive when it comes to the last new dragon-slayer buzzword, but this affect also several very seasoned people here)...

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