People that tsk tsk calls for forceful resistance against fascists are collaborators


Here's the plan, pacifists and centrists:

1. Ignore the fascists while they recruit and gain power
2. As they take over government and the police, protest but only via ineffective means, while demonizing all effective resistance
3. Wait until it's too late
4. Cry "why didn't anyone see this coming?" after it's too late and feel smug for awhile
5. Claim a moral victory, despite literally everything we've done being acts of moral cowardice
6. Get killed by fascists or join their ranks

Roll out!

Oh one last thing: IF the fascist uprising is quelled, claim it's because of our (in)actions rather than those who actually fought. Feel smug some more. Let fascists take over again in the future

@amydentata protesting is all it took for these folks to stamp out Fascism in 1932!

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