Anyone up for a letter campaign to get the edgelord community manager fired from GOG?

An obsession with offending people and wallowing in controversy isn't exactly compatible with being a community manager for a mass market e-seller

Especially not when you think it's an awesome idea to insult half your potential consumer base on the regular

Is GOG losing you as a customer or as a developer because they let edgelords run the show? Let them know!

@feonixrift @amydentata GOG is run by gamergaters, they'd just get replaced with another edgelord

@feonixrift nah it depends on whether they feel like they're about to lose a ton of customers

@amydentata I like how there's an option for positive feedback but none for complaints :P

I'll write something tomorrow morning, as it's late here. Thanks for the link though!

@amydentata It's hard to support this company while their social media team does shit like this. I genuinely enjoy the service GOG provides as a DRM-free platform, but this certainly makes it hard .-.

@Pyretta @SilencingTrees is it, or is it run by people who don't vet and just don't care until something causes a fuss

@amydentata @SilencingTrees No, they're literally run by gamergaters. Not people who don't care to vet, people who actively approve of this shit.

@Pyretta @SilencingTrees what I've seen, there are some employees who are GGers, and the owners are ppl who just don't vet. Either way, they can be forced to respond to pressure.

@amydentata @Pyretta Actually someone mentioned today something about them being involved with a GG event, or maybe the whole movement. They didn't go into details, and I didn't look anything up either

@amydentata well, I did cancel my account today because of it. They replied with the same text they send out via twitter.

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