So cool how all the new features making smartphones even more expensive are totally pointless

"Edge to edge screen!" whogivesafuck

"It's got some special chips or whatnot!" whogivesafuck

"Some other wacky new technology that's not you inputting four numbers to unlock!" whogivesafuck

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Here's all I want: A phone, with a screen, that runs apps, has camera that can take a decent selfie, and lets me put in four numbers to unlock it. That's it. That's all I want

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Lemme get some directions, send a text, post to instagram, and then fuck off

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Smartphones aren't gee-whiz new anymore. That's a good thing. Stop making them get in the way. These devices exist so that we can quickly get to shit that is not "using my smartphone"

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@amydentata find a device that can run LineageOS, idk its probably pretty affordable used

@slimekat also want a device that doesn't require me to custom-install an OS. i don't want to spend time even thinking about that shit tbh

@amydentata nobody is going to package a secure good OS on a device and sell it to you, and if they do they're probably still evil and charging you far far far too much

@slimekat please don't explain things to me that i already know

@amydentata idk i couldnt really tell you were venting and ive been in pain all day so im not exactly here


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