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Here are personal hashtags I use for updates:

- my solo indie dev work

- progress stabilizing my chronic illness, which is making the indie dev work very slow rn

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I'm spontaneously doing chores. This is a very good sign.

if you already knew the terms "cervid" and "corvid" you might be a furry

or a biologist

boosting your engagement numbers but instead of social media marketing you're going for a polyamory high score

@amydentata *waking to the sound of panther teeth scraping on my titanium braincase* awww good morning snoochems

hello fediverse, you're my favorite 2D party game

here's something fun to think about:

everything on a computer can be represented as a number

which means that all digital art that will ever exist already exists

and making digital art is actually finding digital art in a vast sea of uninteresting numbers

american fascism, dhs, portland 

For perspective: Every fascist thing the DHS is doing to protestors in Portland has been the norm with how America treats BIPoC, since forever. This is not to minimize. This is to expand your view of what is going on, and has been going on for centuries.

We are all caught up in something much greater than this single moment. Recognizing this can help you better understand who your real allies are, and who will try to trick you into complacency.

Hint: The state will try to change guard and convince you everything is fine, without changing anything about how the state functions.

Expect abuse of power from the GOP; expect a bait and switch from Democrats.

Ferguson protests happened under Obama’s watch. His administration didn’t meaningfully change how policing is conducted. Biden won’t either. The head of the state that oppresses you is not your ally.

This isn’t to say the situation is hopeless. Far from it. Instead, my point is that only *we* can make necessary change happen. Agents of the state will not do it for us out of the goodness of their hearts. They don’t have any.

“Don’t have any goodness, or don’t have any hearts?”



people are always like "i want an invincible cyborg body so I can do boring toxic masculinity" and never like "i want an invincible cyborg body so i can keep a big cat as a pet and survive"

this isn't even about modern technology

people always had the ability to share things

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all poverty is artificial

all poverty has a culprit that isn't poor

my eternal search for silver linings currently says this: at least my bottom surgery delay due to EDS is happening during a time when my bottom surgery would be delayed anyways due to covid

What's something in your life that makes you go like "bnuuy"

Pdx pol ++ 

This week's heroes:
The naked bloc'd comrade power pussy stancing the cops as they were teargassing, eventually causing the cops to give the line.
Protest Tank Daddy who took billy clubs and mace point blank to the body, making the pigs panicking a little, then calmly turned around and ambled away, flipping them off on the way.

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