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Here are personal hashtags I use for updates:

- my solo indie dev work

- progress stabilizing my chronic illness, which is making the indie dev work very slow rn

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horror game with a sanity meter but all the sanity meter does is change the quality of the dialogue in the game

whenever that "inside you are two wolves" thing went around it made me annoyed that i'm not post-op yet

i am a non-denominational anti-capitalist and i will support whatever rises to power to supplant capitalism

It's about to be a long winter. Do you have your cuffing partner yet?
Invest in yourself and book time with me now

i know i bring up titties a lot, so let me just say: butts

*Michael from The Good Place voice* Bees that queef

my back has felt like a solid unit two days in a row!

Everything in nature comes from emergent bottom up processes. Nothing is really created by top down design, even though it may appear that way.

i desperately want to do karaoke again but with my own parody lyrics at the ready

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stick your penis in a blender
nothing ever lasts forever
everybody wants to be a girl

The actual lyric: He did the monster mash

How it stuck in my head: He sucked a dick for cash

Who the heck called it a “post-covid gangbang” and not a “super-spreader event”

I need to get my crossposter working again so I can originate all my posts here again

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