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Here are personal hashtags I use for updates:

- my solo indie dev work

- progress stabilizing my chronic illness, which is making the indie dev work very slow rn

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Otherwise you are inevitably, inescapably, building systems of domination. And not in the sexy way

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Zine submission deadline extension. Disability, lightly implied kink. 

Computer systems should be simple, transparent, and accessible to all, both socially and economically

it's as easy as 1-2-3

computer bad
try add more computer
oh no now computer more bad

The more things change, the more they stay the same. I was reading the first edition of Mondo 2000 (1989). Lee Felsenstein fairly accurately predicts the contemporary dilemma in which systems become so complicated that only a priestly class can administer them.

"personal computers would grow ever more complex, befuddling, impersonal."

Techno-peasants and techno-gentry.

"All this would suit perfectly the centralized I'm-in-control-here sorts of mentalities that run business operations"

When you wish upon a star
Be sure you don’t rip a fart

@amydentata Updating this with a new one -- arcadey classic but definitely a full, polished game

add a stat to an rpg

what is the stat

Unity's new input system is great except for the part where I can't figure out how to use it in a system that polls everything at once instead of using per-action callbacks

Love how the youngest spends most of their time in Minecraft building houses for wolves. Months now and it still tittles me looking up from what I'm doing to see them faffing around, bring stared at by rooms full of blocky wolves, all with their heads tilted.

This is for real giving me pause because I find meaning in the silliest things but it works for me

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Safari is my drug dealer and the keyboard is my life coach

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I typed one letter into my browser and it was like “I know what you’re lookin for kid” while my keyboard was like “but you can be so much more”

Give decent people the limelight challenge 2020

It’s the fumbling newbs who gloat, meanwhile seasoned polyamorists go about their business unnoticed

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The Unity game engine has an image issue, because the free version used by newbs requires you to show a Unity splash screen, and pro games usually don’t show one. I feel like polyamory has the same problem

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