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Here are personal hashtags I use for updates:

- my solo indie dev work

- progress stabilizing my chronic illness, which is making the indie dev work very slow rn

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Who the heck called it “the MILF awards” and not “30 over 30”

Might actually have figured out all my disability crap, on my own, after years of hard work and painful trial and error

Who the heck called it a “polyamory relationship diagram” and not a polygraph

Titties on Mastodon are called mitties sorry I don’t make the rules

Food, gluten 

I figured out I have some form of gluten sensitivity! How you ask? My body refused to let me eat for a month and all I could ingest was tea and Atkins protein shakes

Who the heck called it “JAV femdom” and not “Jpegs”

dildos. lots of dildos.

*rack upon rack of dildos flies into view and STOPS. the dildos wobble*

🎶 Sweet Caroline

Bam, bam, bammmmmm

Wish a motherfucker would 🎶

who the heck called it "sexuality studies" and not hornithology

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