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@amydentata reverse dressage is when you dance while carrying a horse on your back

“Reverse dressage” is a fancy word for stripping and you can’t convince me otherwise

I got an AI to rap “Attention K-mart shoppers: I don’t give a flying fuck”

Who the heck called it a “chronic illness support group” and not “painpals”

Gluten was a huge piece of the puzzle. It will probably take 2+ years for me to recover as much as is possible from that (I’m old enough that 100% recovery from the damage is unlikely, afaik)

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My general state right now is “beyond ready for disabling chronic illness crap to be treated.” I do feel like I’ve got it figured out now, and some of it will take time. But hoo boy am I growing impatient

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Last couple weeks were hell. Maybe the next couple will be better

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Who the heck called it “the MILF awards” and not “30 over 30”

Might actually have figured out all my disability crap, on my own, after years of hard work and painful trial and error

Who the heck called it a “polyamory relationship diagram” and not a polygraph

Titties on Mastodon are called mitties sorry I don’t make the rules

Food, gluten 

I figured out I have some form of gluten sensitivity! How you ask? My body refused to let me eat for a month and all I could ingest was tea and Atkins protein shakes

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