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Mozilla has announced a grant of up to $30,000 "to people and projects that illuminate how to reimagine data in a way that shifts power away from big tech platforms and toward individuals and communities."

Who the heck called it a “chastity belt” and not phallus in chains

Oh wow this is doin numbers *camera pans down to show a drawing of numbers having sex*

Who the heck called it “teabagging” and not a parascrotal relationship

Who the heck called it “going outside” and not “an air fryer”

Artificial intelligence just rendered lewd artists obsolete

Whoever invents self-assembling furniture will be set for life

Sometimes the only way I can handle the wanton buffoonery of humanity is to pretend I’m an alien visitor doing anthropology

@amydentata reverse dressage is when you dance while carrying a horse on your back

“Reverse dressage” is a fancy word for stripping and you can’t convince me otherwise

I got an AI to rap “Attention K-mart shoppers: I don’t give a flying fuck”

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