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Here are personal hashtags I use for updates:

- my solo indie dev work

- progress stabilizing my chronic illness, which is making the indie dev work very slow rn

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A collectible card game where the cards are celebrities and if your opponent can name something problematic about them the attack is blocked

We're bootlegging lidocaine
Here in

goodnight everybody. suddenly too sleepy to come up with a clever sign off

there's no need to shout—



maybe i should try to do a tim curry movie night

your activation phrase is "mister provolone, where are those g's"

@amydentata I love how everyone watches the news and feels terrible, not because of the thing the news is warning them about, but because of the news warning them about it

fandom: it's like scientology, but free™

i love how speeds almost everywhere on the internet are kinda spotty right now because of something microscopic

what i'm saying is, i enjoy the game immensely but nobody else that i currently play it with does when i'm there

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i have two modes in that game: either the super-nice "let's all be friends" rhymes, or going in so hard that none of my friends enjoy it

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i'm not good at it but my favorite jackbox game is mad verse city

the best documentation is you telling people that the code is the best documentation

finally we are all talking about how property is theft

I have some editors to call about rejected stories, harumph

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there are massive invisible objects in the sky

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