It’s been a while, switter!

Still in , send me a ring if you’re in the area • 8607054377.

🖤 Allie

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Don’t need the negative & rude comments. Especially provider to provider. Dismiss yourself!

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More to come please boost this information to the ladies and the clients. I have found a few websites but am really afraid to put a profile up
She also said her credit card was frozen as well. I will be using throw aways now, and I will be investing in a throw away phone. Emails are going to become the only solid way to stay connected. If any of NS friends are reading please make sure you keep my email address
I have a proton email don't know how long it will work

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Clients, you have friends who enjoy the hobby too? Encourage them to join switter.

Providers? Encourage your local colleagues and social media/mailing list to join switter.

Let’s spread the word and make switter the next biggest thing!

Possibly a platform for verified providers and clients to meet, book and review eachother 👌🏾😁🙌🏾

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I do have portions of my reviews posted on my web site at so feel free to peruse them if you wish. Full versions of reviews are available too upon request. I do hope we can connect if I am in a city near you!

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My fault. I probably wasn't clear enough. Plus I know everyone has their own way of doing things.

​But please don't use words like "lim​i​tation (s) either. I will only discuss things I enjoy or things I don't.

If it sounds commercial or like a transaction, I'm out of the conversation.

I'm sorry. But that’s a rule of mine that I’m just not going to break.

Besides, if it’s done right, talking between the lines can be fun.

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I’m using this as a teachable moment.
I am 100% not singling you out for criticism.
Please don’t take it that way.

‘Adriana, may I ask what’s involved in your sessions?

Feel free to ask me about things that I enjoy and things that I don’t enjoy.

But is far as asking, “what’s in your sessions”.

I don’t really understand what you mean.’

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CLIENTS: Now that Sesta/Fosta has become law, pls make note of all contact info for your favorite companions. If you want to be super duper helpful, then make a donation to a local SW org. and/or send a gift card to a companion to assuage the fiscal trauma of this legislation.

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Rise and shine! ☀️☀️☀️
Taking appointments today 11 am- 7 pm.

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Another soft lit headless torso pic of an escort 

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RT “prostitution is illegal”...

Yeah, so was:

-Riding at the front of a bus while black
-Voting while female
-Sex while being gay
-Drinking while living here
(We even amended the Constitution for that!)
-Going to an all white school while black
-Not returning fugitive slaves

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1. Always make an effort.
2. Don't make it look like an effort.

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