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What ladies host in the metrowest area? I'd say I'm asking for a friend, but that's not true. It's for me. 😜

ι love тaĸιng мy тιмe тo мaĸe a genυιne connecтιon wιтн all мy clιenтѕ...pυттιng υѕ вoтн aт eaѕe provιdιng a coмғorтaвle aтмoѕpнere...тнaт allowѕ тнe ѕparĸѕ ️ тo ғly вeтween υѕ...

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Contact: 404-793-4603
🚫 No Bare Services 🚫
Twitter: @alexisatl404

Sweet sexy Latina ready to blow your mind
Boston !!!
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A new member has joined the Tryst family! 🎉 You can now find Chicago's Alexis Winter on Tryst:

Looks like I will be breaking My all time yearly income this year!

😍😍😍 Thank you to everyone who has made that possible!

Upward and onward!!!

It is that time of the year again!!

🎈🎈Planning for 2020 🎈🎈

If YOU would like for Me to Tour/Visit your City in 2020 Please email me at

To express an interest in your city.

I hope to see you soon 🌸

RT’s always appreciated 🥰😘

Love this 💗👌


Show me your fav photo of 2019 (you have to have taken it yourself or it must be of you.)
Here is mine: (tehehe)


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