Switter feels like a failed experiment. Who are the active people over here? Worth engaging with? Community to be part of?

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"I am radically testing the limits of what it fundamentally means to be outdoors by erecting walls, putting a roof on top of those walls, and then insisting that it is still outdoors."

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California just moved parents/guardians of disabled children to 1A. Make sure people know.

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Look at all of you, singing sea shanties like you're in a high stress state, isolated in a confined space for months on end, clinging to the hope that months from now you'll be free to go drinking and wenching to your heart's content.

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Goddess Charlotte stats:
Teeth gags and surgery shows while dining✅
Human Toilet user✅
Vegetarian ✅
Strap-On Enthusiast✅
Foot Fetishist✅
Leather Boot Fetishist✅
Kinky w/ a Big Heart✅
Birthday🎂 January 28th✅
Wishlist: giftful.com/CharlotteLashes

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Someone wants to live dangerously. Thank you for the gift pet. I look forward to casually sitting in front of you gently swinging my foot nearer to those vulnerable bits of yours.

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I feel extra special when I sneeze and my nipples get hard, tightening around the barbells. If I had known how amazing they would be, I would have had them so long ago.

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I have discovered a tiktok account belonging to a gay cowboy so if you ever want to watch a dude lose his patience with Clare, his cow, and her very dumb friends who are also cows while he tries to deliver farming equipment here you go vm.tiktok.com/ZSb8C47k/

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We made this promo spot for @nineinchnails@twitter.com THINGS FALLING APART, which was the first TV commercial I directed/edited, back when you could make weird artfuck commercials for albums and actually air them on MTV.

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The next zombie apocalypse movie should have people hiding indoors at first, but after a couple of months everyone should just say fuck it and go to brunch and fly to hang out with friends.

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Mark your calendars, folks!

Are you messaging dommes trying to offer service and keep getting rejected? Princess Kali is THE authority on this kind of thing. If you're hoping 2021 will be your year to find your dream domme; do NOT miss this!! twitter.com/ThePrincessKali/st

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ok this one made me blush

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oh hello, you gentle and kind queer sea bird. you are wise beyond your years!

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Just ran into an application that waits for the user to ask it to start on login.

Feeling appreciated as a human with choice by app developers is such a rare thing.

I am shocked and grateful. More developers should to consider this approach.

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