@Carleeanthony are you visiting the SF Bay area sometime soon?

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To lose RBG, a daughter of Jewish immigrants on Rosh Hashanah (“the head of the year”) in essence Jewish New Year....

Not sure if saying "Shana Tova" ("good year" in Hebrew) is appropriate... but anyway, "shanah tovah u'metukah" (literally translates to "a good and sweet new year" in Hebrew)

Thanks Google

Can’t recall where I read about the Harvard Law School class which she was w/ her husband (also a law student)... story is fascinating-to see how long we came along- but the fight goes on...

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My polycule of lovers/partners includes a couple in Seattle who train and show dogs professionally, and another couple on the opposite coast who own a Body Mod and Oddities Shop and both businesses have been officially designated as "essential" and given monetary compensation due to having clients with disabilities.

Huh. It seems i qualify as an essential worker after all.

So I have waited a bit to write this, but now I must: several female provides on this site try and succeed to swindle people of their moneys. Here's how this scam works: the provider ask for a hefty deposit, like 1/2 of the total donation ( $200). Sometimes, the deposit can be reduced to $100. This is given by sending the code of a gift card. Once that code is received, the provided asks for MORE monies. What to do? I speaking here of @jailylawsy .
Here's a snippet txt

@Vanillaloops I see that you come to the West come sometimes - you mention Seattle. Do you also come to N. Cali/SF? Would love to see you.

@Kenyacastello You look cute! Where in Cali do you live? I live in SF. If you come nearby we should meet. Adam

@Aleeyah_Yueng Are you in the SF Bay area now? You like sexy. If you are around, would love to spend some time w you.

@lilyprettymouth Saw you post with its arousing description of what I could do to you. Would love to when you come to SF, hopefully soon. Am referring to the post on Sep 4, starting w "I'm an extrovert... I back my big ass up and let you have your way with every hole you can find."

@SexyVanessaInk1000 I see that you have in your hashtag list. When are you coming to SF next? Would love to spend some time with you. You little intro blurb was cool too :) The one about "I want you.... (to) fuck me harder." That one.

@Aleeyah_Yueng I see you are coming to SF Bay area. Tell me a bit about your PSE. Also, what is your donation schedule? I like the squirting part.... :)

@ITALIAN_STALLION123 I beg to differ. I think your ass is great, not fat :) So do you come to the West Coast ever? I am in SF and would love to see you.

@admin I think I should get my monies back and that @marta95 and @Jamievalentine should be suspended for 4 months if this is their first infraction. More if sec
ond or mor

@admin day later, she said that no, I need to give her $200 deposit. I sent her another $100 amazon GC. THen she claimed that 1. she did not get the GC. or 2. she could not register the amazon GC. So she then demanded ANOTHER $100.

At this point I said no, I already had given her $200. She would not relent on this point. I asked that she just return my $200 deposit and call this even. No response.

@admin She said she was in the area and able to meet if I pay her another(!) $200 deposit. I had already given her $200, so I saw no need for another $200. She was relentless on this point. I suggested she return me the $200 deposit, to no avail.
The second story is regarding provider @Jamievalentine. We had agreed to meet after we agreed that $100 deposit would be fine, which I gave her as a (you guessed it) amazon GC.

@admin I have stories(!) of warning about dealing w providers asking for gift cards(GC) as deposits.
The first story is w provider @marta95. We had agreed to meet, after I sent her the codes for $200 worth of amazon GC.
had to change our first meeting. She was amenable to that. Then @marta95 demanded $150 more to meet. For a session for $400. She would not budge from this nnew demand. I asked for the $200 deposit back, but she did not respond. Then, this past week I contacted her again.

@Jamievalentine See you are traveling. When will you visit the SF Bay Area? Would love to meet you!

@monicaspencer See you travel some. Are you visiting SF Bay area any time soon? Would love to meet you!

@LolaBunnie See you are in LA area. Do you come visit the SF Bay Area? Would love to meet you.

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