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I'm online, come play with me! 😍

RT 👻 Spooky Halloween Raffle!! 👻

🕷️Offline Ticket Purchases count as Double! 🕸️

🎟️ 🎟️

🎃Drawing will be held on Oct. 31st during the Halloween Party!! 🎃


I'll be online most of today! I have to have 4k tokens by tonight! So far, still need 3400/4000. I got all kinds of things going! 💜

PC crashed, I'll be back in a few minutes.

I'm Online Now!

🎃For the Month of October! 🎃

Make it Rain with $15, and you can Pick any 2 Vids or I can send you 2 Random Vids!

Come Play with Me!

I'm online, come play with me! 😍

RT Scratch that! Can't do Keno yet, had a sudden surprise, so using Lovense on High, and Ultra High only!!


RT 📸Selfie Of The Day - new Cam Model on

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Watch Here At -


Good Afternoon! 🤗

I'll be Online in about an hour! I have Keno going, I really need this board cleared today, sharkweek had me out for a bit, any help big or small would be greatly appreciated!! ❤️

Thank you guys, so much for tonight!!!! 😍 I had so much fun! 🥰💜

It's shark week, and I got some serious feelers going on right now, would love it if a few people would take me up on the video deal or Raffle.

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