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artistic creation is the only outlet for peace for some souls.

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I am: Proudly submissive. Because submission is NEVER a weakness. Channelling your submission makes you better. Embrace it. Being submissive doesn't make you any less successful or attractive or lesser than anyone else. Enjoy it in a safe way and I promise it will be worth it.

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@xSierraFox@twitter.com Who knew that those glasses were for our own protection!?

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@xSierraFox@twitter.com what a grin

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I’ve got a piercing gaze.

One that cuts into your soul. One that tears right through your mind and paralyzes with a single glance. One as deep as oceans.

My eyes will leave you breathless and begging to be under my control again and again.

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Online now ✨

Text sessions on
🌸 SextPanther.com/Sierra-Fox

Or available on
🌸 u/n: xSierraFox

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There’s something so satisfying about rubbing my ass all over a man’s face, knowing that he can never kiss, lick, or touch. He just has to take the agonizing pleasure of being chained to a bench like a dog and dealing with my luscious ass up close.

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Make me your phone wallpaper πŸ“±

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An AVN STARS exclusive:
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"Unfortunately for you, this is what happens when you find yourself gawking at me. Aching. Desperate."

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Don’t forget our NYC chapter meeting is today!

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NYC Meeting
This Sunday, Sept 15th from 5:00pm - 6:00pm.
via fetlife.com/events/831205 or by e-mailing FemocracyNYC@gmail.com
Women: Free
men: $20 (No exceptions!)

Come join Us!
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ALSO: I am not waiting around for someone to book a session last-minute, especially on weekends. My schedule is full of pre-booked sessions, social time, and self-care. You will follow protocol and book ahead like everyone else!

Another one πŸ’•

Get all my clips, uncensored photo/videos, live cam, hot pay to view messages, erotic audio mp3s, vlog diary entries and more for $25/month.

➑️ TheFoxFellowship.com

A good boy took the plunge and joined the Fellowship.

How long until you dive in and join the pack?


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I just got a new Subscriber on ! You can Follow me at stars.avn.com/xsierrafox

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