I keep getting followed by providers that have this in their account description: Wanna fuсk sexу girls аnd nоt рaу fоr thеm? Hеrе is thе URL → I blocked 7 or 8 of them as they keep following me. What is with that? It seems like a spam site.

@WildAnita51 they continually run spam on this site under various handles - I think everyone knows they are spam but some like to look at the pictures. I just block or mute them.

@sollozzo I have been blocking them every time they follow me but currently 8 accounts have been blocked. Just wanted to know if anyone else has been frustrated by this.

@WildAnita51 Oh yes, absolutely. Then one account disappears only to be replaced by another "want to have sex with girls for free" garbage account. Goes on all day every day :(

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