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Headed to Denver in a few weeks. Any recommendations for a FBSM provider?

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The chefs special today is prime Icelandic pussy served in a seasoned, creamy white sauce with a succulent rump steak and two large, succulent melons 😋 Enjoy with a glass of the house champagne 💦

There are so many juicy videos to browse through and new ones added every day!! 🔞
The DMs are always open for a naughty chat & NO hidden fees.. just ten bucks a month all in

Louise 💋💋💋

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That's how I roll.

I have to be talked to normal. Like a person. This guy repeatedly messaged me crap.

Passing him along in the Switterverse.

Good morning ladies. Pls let me know if you’re near the Chesapeake, VA area on Friday night. I’d love to meet if we’re a good fit.

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Me...waiting for a genie to magically appear between my legs at work

Hey! I just sent you a text and email request about 2 hrs ago... pls respond at your leisure

Footjob Friday in the Porsche anyone? I’d love to re recreate this hot scene from Nicole 24

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I guess we all need a day of rain my toes can't always be in the sand😘😘

RT MY Tippy Toes Please💙

1 random RT will get a special pic in their DM 😉

Curious why more providers don’t post pictures in “the pose”? Disclosure: it’s my favorite

Happy Toe Tantalizing Tuesday! There was a brief time when only Hungarian feet made it onto my lap (sigh)

Really unsure what to think of the new interface here...it feels wonkier 😒

Happy three-day weekend! Rooftop pool and MaiTais anyone?

Thanks for the boost...a shame you’re not in DC today...or are you? 😉 Would kill for talented feet somewhere today

Footjob Friday anyone? Let me know if your talents are available today.

True story: I got so hard, so fast the other day while taking this pic. Is the Porsche trying to tell me something?

Happy Humpday ladies! As you’re focusing on what’s most important to you, here’s a little inspiration for what you’re capable of doing

Look what I found in the closet! Just in time for Fetish Friday...any ladies care to “wrap up” what they’re doing?

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