@tindrastoes Happy Sunday Darling💞. Rainy day here, waiting for a break. More ☕️ and streaming YouTube 🤷‍♂️😘

@WelshmanSac Ahh You Tube 😍 Here is the funniest short film ever made youtube.com/watch?v=cWs4WA--eK 😊 Make sure you have been to the loo.. its wet yourself funny 😍

@tindrastoes OMG, half way through I had to put 🎧 on 😂🤣😅

@WelshmanSac Its really funny ❤️ 😂 It just doesn't go where you expect it to 🤣 😍

@tindrastoes Kinda sounds like the endings to our morning tailboard meetings at work minus the popular lady of course. We do have one lady, she’s gay, super cool and well respected.

@WelshmanSac Do you all carry Smith & Wessons into those meetings? it might liven them up 😂 😍 You should hire a voice over guy as well 🤣 😍 ❤️


@tindrastoes Way worse than some little guns. Most have 2 💻 with access to a lot of secured networks🙄. Some day out of self defense, I may have to throw my iPad like Captain America’s 🛡 and take out a few when I don’t get my way😆

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@WelshmanSac 😂 😂 😂 You are all armed to the teeth with the information super highway 🤭 😍 💖 🤣

@tindrastoes One of my thugs when he’s not deployed by the US Air Force and leading a team to restore communication systems in disaster areas like Puerto Rico.

@WelshmanSac So when he's not flying around blowing up communication systems belonging to the bad guys he's fixing them for the good guys 😎 ❤️ 👌 🤗 That's kinda cool ❤️

@tindrastoes Who said he’s fixing anything and I don’t see any good guys 🤫🤭🤓. He did help me purchase my 📺 through the military discount, deliver it, and install it 🤔. Guess he’s okay 😉

@WelshmanSac 😂 😍 👌 Ahh so hes more Statham than Biggles then 🤭 😍

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