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One of the reasons that people don't hear about things that are coming up in my life, even if that thing is absolutely relevant to this account... is because I think talking about things seems to jinx it. Tonight, I was reminded of this.

Oh really feels like I might have a weekend adventure. First in a while. Escaping SoCal and going to a different place for animals to stomp around.

Looks like I still have the clothing and costume curse from 2019 when I last tried to order clothes. In a different way for each instance, I'm finding myself faced with the destiny of wearing ill fitting clothes for an event or just being SOL.

Tried to do another ask this week. This time, it was booty shorts. Cheek Boss (a new company to me) does plus sizes, and very well. 🤩

Still wish I could get those custom ones that I see out there (for those a size L or lower). Id love to redo that part of my old playa clothing.

Love to find some yiff gif artists. There needs to be more face sitting and queening themes.

Too much ass and hips for these BDUs. Where are my troops with a size 4X bottom half?

Hmm... might have to have someone buy my remote toy. Hismith doesnt like my form of money.They themselves use Paypal for the transaction. Thats a no from me.

Whelp, guess its just me and the night. ...

Pullin a late night. Just me, my computers, cannabis, and code (3 out of the 4 cees)

Whelp... my weekend has ended and it is time to go back home. Watching the cars on the highway (alongside these tracks)and thinking "boy, not using a car isnt so bad.". All the traffic as I ease into the smooth glide of Metrolink.

I never want to assume things can just go back to the way things are. I dont always trust my memories either bc of how faint and scattered things are in my foxy brain

That being said, I can say... my body must hold tactile memory. Stuff.... unlocked for me last night.

Time for an adventure. Heading into El Lay rn....

"I need to see a man about a horse" as they say. Time to float up north in late July.

Looking at ride options (one way, thank dog). Not sure if planning will distract me from the slip-ups from trying to get *other* things in motion.


Ponies.... fuckin ponies. Nice wake up full of gropings, the sound of rubber, and making ponies pop.

Vaccine is loading....99% ...

Anyone make a "Vaccinated and sassy" facemask? Im feeling it. :-D

Why does it feel like a gauntlet of temptation has fallen on me? ...and right when Im trying to fund new transport. >.<

There is cum colored Gatorade, and I want to know why. o.O

L.A. .... whatchu want with me? 👁👀

Is it possible for your mind to be everywhere and nowhere, all at the same time? Trying to be open to the universe but.... I guess its hard sometimes. I dont seem to be too responsive (but its nothing personal)

Really been struggling to find my peace.

Me and cornbread.... Man, we have to stop meeting like this


Sometimes I think about just going at it alone. No relationships or people to live with (yes, this last part is a pipe dream in Cali) . Eliminate those social obligations, the broken plans and promises, the clutter of other peoples life, and the touch and go of people's whims...

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