I know some of you are getting ready for SCMC, but Im over here still being careful (other reasons to leave cons like this alone, but C19 is the biggie).

Got a feeling that I lost this web design opportunity bc people still want to meet in person. I get that people need to know that it is a real person on the other end but... lets think if its really necessary for the risk.

I love the feeling of someone stroking my hair, lightly tugging at small amounts of my hair. There needs to be an automatic hair "massage" machine that does just that.

In these time, all I can do is practice self care by changing how I feel about the situation. I already know the lines of thinking that lead nowhere. I just have to "get over it", as it were.

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Sometimes, there are problems betwn people and the cant be sorted out through talking. (no, this is not a violence post either). I do know that Im too broke, so I cant say whether money would solve it.

bdsm animal roleplay 

During our New Years, I felt like pony was becoming a bit too cantankerous. Having a bit and bridle really helps. With her adjustment to the tongue depressor, my unruly pony is now drooly.

Oh, and quiet.... :-D

Being on the highway between two dangeroud loads is a good adrenaline pump in the morning.

Tie your stuff down, people. I dont know about you, but I only have one car. Those couches were stacked dicey as fuck

Y'all... I had to scrape ice off my car this morning. Damn doors were iced shut, too.

You can smirk at me, East Coasters (I know that scraping windows for ice is your jam )Thats too damn cold.

Saying goodbye to my old domain today. I still dont know a path to lead me back here but I know I must move .... forward. Farewell to a time of Adult Toy Shop Owner Blu

Damn... Thanksgiving caught me one day late . So stuffed

Oh, and Die Hard is an Xmas movie *burp*

Want to end the tug of war,
Try a new life in a place of solitude
Than I can just burn out, no more expectations from others

Living that life floating on through, as others do the fly by night. Just like my earlier tweet, you can live that loner life even as the house just crowds up.

Its safe to say that one can feel underwhelmed and overwhelmed at around the same time.

As my website stuff comes up for renewal, I feel like this might be the year to let it lapse.

With news the other day that my content shooting space is going be occupied longer than anticipated (again) + all the other things I mentioned... seems pointless to hold out hope.

I remember how tough it used to be for me to get through every 11/6. I used to have to really distract myself to keep myself from crying on that day.

Morning orgasms, getting some web work done, then spending my night with my podcasts.... it was all good tonight

That moment when the realm of your side gig crosses your porn world....


Its Wednesday and who is on the hunt for some jute rope in trans and bi colors? Yes.. yes ... yes, I am (I am taking recommendations for jute and hemp in good varying lengths)

There is a storm coming in..... I can feel it in my tits


Usually I strive to use pony and her side of the bed gets juicy. Well, my geneousity overfloweth, so I think I *also* will be sleeping in the wet spot tonight.

Once lost... something was found again. Really, we never lost it.

Tutu is just a bonus.... :)

Caught a bar of charcoal soap in our mix, and eliminated it. Getting through the last of my Stegosoapytops order.

A purple vixen is going to help me get clean, right?

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