First snowfall of the season. Watching everything outside changing colors while curled in a good winter blanket .

Interesting to see hot takes on people that dont care (or perceived not to care) about YT and the whole COPPA debacle. Here you have yet another law with too-broad-of-a-net definitions, and with the objective to "protect the children" ... There is irony in all this

Ever had sex in a sauna? I think I might have done just that. pony and I were taking a looong shower. Steamed up the bathroom and my heart was beating fast with the heat, pounding her ass .

Fucked her a bit stupid...

Hit another patch of wait again. Have to put my project on hold while I wait for something to come in the mail. The catch 22 of retail, I have to pay for this mistake with extra time.

Just part of riding in the slow lane....

My ponygirl has borrowed my bathrobe a few times. She is generously wrapped from a cold room

For a fluffy gal, wearing her gf's robe? Well....

Decided to treat myself to the Indian Cuisine today. Dont care the house is empty, the spice is nice.

While I sit here fat and happy, I am researching things website related. To adult web designers, what is your favorite base framework?

Woke up at 3am and still cant sleep. Waaahhhh....

( can't say for sure, and can't say that covers everybody, but it really is better to have a pony locked into your bed at night. Definitely helps with my insomnia)

Played "beat the clock" with the power cord and won this morning. Trying not to lag too much since I have limited time, but I have been catching up on sexy mail and having my coffee.

Floating, floating while I charge the laptop (or at least try to).... a clear vixen brain sounds grand...

Today has been really daunting. I'll leave it at that.

Cuddled up on what seems to be a windy day. Trying to avoid the temptation of taking a shower to warm up.

One of my side skills (and used for vanilla work) is graphic and web design. Thinking of going that route for a while, so looking up adult web design and CMS and see where the mouseclicks take me.

Sexy house cleaning dancey time.... No idea what the winter will bring for me but it feels good to be out here in late October

Just curious... when Craigslist shut down its erotic services section, and later... its personals section... where did everyone move?

Reality shows dont always grab me but the GBBO has become my jam. Loving the two cheeky judges

Today, I actually get to issue monetary costs on people's lack of communication. Just like me, like to take on things in big healthy chunks.

My focus is on what makes me money so I try to avoid shit like this. No Piecemeal projects with big blocks of time between.

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A cock-hungry milk drinker is on her knees ready to give you the geekiest blowjob this side of the Carbolo river. Get the clip here: ❤️

Roomies have left for an overnight and my pony is off at Mama Gem's place. Unfortunately with me not getting any work in the last week, I am kind of .... *gestures around her* .... here.

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Woke up sore (and not the good kind)
Clearly I need good back support and posture today. I need a Husband Pillow (but the husband part is very very very much optional)

Broke 2 chairs while I was sitting in it, just doing my work. Only broken a chair once before.

I really dont like to sit in plastic patio chairs. Im not compatible with those.

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