Me when I get my first new partner,... post-quarantine

Been a while since I havent had to make the important, make-or-break decisions. So, its nice when the you get to decide things where the trusty Camshow prizewheel can decide (or flip a coin)

Its hard to catch an on-call pony. I have been lagging in the love dept as of late while I just go with everyone's flow.

Well, pony slid into bed at some late-late hour. With some remaining gear, she is now a quiet pony. This key can make her loud (but still gagged)

My feet are the toastiest they have been. Evar. Never had wool lined socks.  I wonder if wearing paw socks feels like this...

My ponygirl has borrowed my bathrobe a few times. She is generously wrapped from a cold room

For a fluffy gal, wearing her gf's robe? Well....

SWers still use a high amount of adult-unfriendly social platforms, payment providers and hosts. has been unfriendly to us for a while. However, I do remember migrating a few from to self hosted during one of the previous purges.

With the last (electronic) toy breaking, its just me and my dildos. Can be much to take, but Bad Dragons produce .... nice results

Self-care this afternoon was needed. I even took a little piece of someone with me. shortage of zany things to run into at this house.

Looks like some of the freeloaders and bot scams have found Switter. Users advertising free sex services (scam or otherwise) are showing up on Switter more and more...

(( providers, if this is your photo being used please message me and I will let you know the name of this person so you can request a take down))

Thought I was going to have to just wait until money came in, but it looks like another kludge technique succeeded. Taping my life back together for 2019....

I promise I didn't pull her tail *that* hard. She makes such a squirmy one beneath me....

Mail call! While I open these packages... its time for another TMI Tuesday.... Ask me stuff!

Dick pic (strap-on) 

I sense this Monday to be a day of tension. Dont forget to stop for some self care. My slutty ponygirl tried to sleep in but strapons always win... :-D

Woke up to find that someone has purchased "Gutterpunk Barbershop". Thank you German fan, A N!

I am a nerd at heart so I'm totally captivated by any sexy product testing out there (esp. dildonics). I have reviewed toys before and would like to do that again in the future.

Unfortunately this particular company is another one on the "too many people applying, and I wasnt chosen" scenario.

Will likely be adding some more controllable toys to my Deliverycode wishlist. Currently online so I can charge.....

Hey , I understand how upset you are about passing! swers are organizing a and looking for who are interested in using all the hurt/frustration/negative energy for something positive! Please rt & share our artists' call.

(via @freyamars)

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