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Hello. My name is Vixen Blu. I have traveled through the Internet seeking new horizons in a whorephobic world.

Frisky vixen with the human skin of a geeky nerdy girl that loves new experiences and experimenting with creativity.

Got passed around depts like a doobie at a Grateful Dead concert, today. This is my VANILLAJOB, at that.

Sometimes you have to spend time chasing one's own tail before finding out who the right person to talk to is.

Today was okay but Im glad its bedtime. People and things decided to be annoying and remind me of the things I cant change and just how fickle people are in my tech world. (Seriously, Im not "trying to win" with people but it would be nice if my traits werent such a detriment)

That moment when a non convention photo of you gets mistaken for cosplay. Apparently I look like Vyvyan Basterd (from The Young Ones) when I am sporting the orange punk hair.

Cant even be mad at that. I cant cosplay anything right now so its nice to know there is a chance.

There is a "If you can fuck in this" .... " Than you can wear this" macro image going around with fursuiters in it. No idea how many people realize that the suits in that image are not murrsuiters. Obviously furries dont care about half of the shit I do, and aint tripping on this. If a different version of that image is made, than I would feel better about RTing.

Waiting on a very important package today. I know COVID is real so I need to stay masked for making contact with others, but... Its gonna be so hard to not hump the FedEx driver

heh. pony's steel plug is the perfect pony tranquilizer. She is likely gonna sleep like a slut tonight. Wont take her much to give it up (pony rides incl)

Took some time while the house was empty to do some cleaning and consideration. Hoping my ponygirl does come home tonight which might distract me (bc overthinking? blah! No one wants that)

Appreciating mornings like this, even if Im stuck working. My ponygirl made coffee and its the best...

Would you wear a sovereign ring - You know... I had to look this one up. I admit, I havent got too many rings, ....

Me when I get my first new partner,... post-quarantine

Working on a store website and the product images I have to work with are terrible (Small in dimensions. Low res/definition for today' screens.). I want to say to the distributor (and photographer): "Come on, now. Help me help you" (so those products look good.)

First mosquito bites of the spring-summer season. Im such a tasty morsel. *scratch scratches*

Today is about touching on all my sides. Between the human identity and my fursonas, One could say I was split in three. :-D

I have had days where I feel like the old lady as I flop into bed after a work day. On this afternoon, I have actually *roleplayed* an older lady. Imagination is truly that magical. ;)

Been a while since I havent had to make the important, make-or-break decisions. So, its nice when the you get to decide things where the trusty Camshow prizewheel can decide (or flip a coin)

Small steps towards personal joy.... doing the professional work that you enjoy vs the gig you need.

So... while I know the industry is adapting and changing...I would be curious of soem good places to check out for adult/xxx web designers, graphic artists. Id like to be more connected to this. Get an idea of new things I can build... :)

Vixen Blu cannot behave around a plate of lemon cookies...

*burp* Carry on...

Sex work -> vanilla work parallels: You spend all day on the phone and text...and occasionally deal with someone's ego that is bigger than you.

I'm feeling froggy on this TMI Tuesday. Feel free to ask me stuff:

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