Happy Friday Switter babes and gentleman. Unhappy Friday to jerks and mean people.

Hey have we met? I’m Vivian. Sexy, feminine, kinky, and totally your new favorite plaything. If we haven’t met though...you wouldn’t know that!

Come. Visit.


New photos coming super soon, I swear it.

Catching up on social media here. A lot of times I look @ the time and this is what I get

Guess what? I’m trying to pick new photos but until then enjoy this one. Seriously, say hello. You want want to miss my kinky fuckery.


Let me be your morning muse. I can accommodate for afternoon and evening muse duties too.❤️

Never underestimate the power of large groups of stupid people.

Don't believe me ... look at your state or federal legislatures.

Had a civi fling that lead to some steamy fun bcd. While she is going down on me, I started thinking...man, if only she can give head like one of my ATF provider lady LOL. I'm a horrible person ahahaha

Pretty soon you’ll have more photographic proof that your desire to see me should be reality.

Until then...

@Snickerdoodle thank goodness I got some amazing butt pics coming your way soon. Hopefully ready soon!

@Bambicakes like... a minor burn. But the reality is it passes as soon they zap that area

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