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I am here for the minority niches

and more!!!!!
No depravities judged here
Ask for a quote

Incall and outcall ready late night fun
Bay Area And out and hour or 2

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Don't be afraid just reach out

You can book me here
You can book me there
You can book me anywhere
In your house
On a train
You can book me in the rain
Have me day
Have me nights
Find my ad on private delights
Let's wine and dine
Let's 69
Just as long as its dime for time
I'm on my way
Butt before parlay
Can YOU make up you mind for Okay?

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I implore you to seek what's unattainable elsewhere

The Limo Ride in a world of Ubers

Trust in me

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Really been thinking about retirement soon... To much stress for nothing. Ppl flake, everybody wants bareback,its always some bullshit now.

This is my quarterly reminder to all you 420 enthusiasts that biotene dry mouth rinse is your best friend! Never let cottonmouth get in between you and a lusty makeout or sloppy bj ever again!

I have incredible amounts of patience for most things. But for condescension? Not a lick. Don’t try it. I’ll go from sweet to sour VERY quickly.

Listen, if I find out that you're racist, our session will end in an argument, anytime, anyday. I don't give a fuck about how you grew up, its fucking wrong. Just because I'm a redneck and I listen to country music does NOT mean I am a right winger. I. Will. Fight. You.

Looking for an on-going provider relationship. Must enjoy face/throat fucking. DM if interested

Any provider available for a last minute qk visit?

In now for and going to Later for outcalls then heading down to then Incall
Whooo hoo

I’m call and Outcall in Sacramento from 8pm till 1 am

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